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Pink claps back at those who told her to keep her opinion to herself: 'kindly, kiss my entire a--'

"So, kindly, kiss my entire ass. (With love and light of course)," she wrote.
2019 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix - Pink In Concert
P!nk performs at a concert in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 2, 2019.Gary Miller / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Singer Pink has always spoken her mind and during the riots at the U.S. Capitol Building this week, she continued that trend. The pop star retweeted articles about it and posted several times decrying the rioters and President Donald Trump.

Friday night, she started responding to people who told her she should keep her opinion to herself.

She retweeted a post from one person who'd replied to her.

"I’d tone back your responses a bit Pink! Remember a lot of these Trump supporters are Pink supporters," @dorimeadows wrote. "Use your platform for the good& not to continue to spew your disgust for Trump. Push for solutions. You & Carey have a huge following. Use it. Unity. Peace. Love."

The "Raise Your Glass" singer didn't take that lightly.

"I do have a platform. I use it for good," Pink replied. "And I will never sit down and shut up because my ass kicking Air Force veteran badass superhero of a father taught this little badass that her voice matters. I’ve checked all my career boxes, And I’ve been standing up to bullies all my life."

In a follow-up tweet, she continued.

"So, kindly, kiss my entire ass. (With love and light of course)."

The pop star also quote tweeted another fan who had criticized her.

"Careful Lady! Don't forget that those fancy clorhes you're wearing are bought thanks to your fans," @BeezieDeeva wrote. "Acting in such manner might decrease the number of people supporting you. I'm definitely one of them today. You wont make a single penny out of my pocket anymore. Bye bye."

"I have to know... before you go... what was your favorite song though Beezie... I just have to know or I’ll never be able to sleep," Pink replied sarcastically.

The singer also shared a tweet from one of her supporters, who said her father died serving in the United State Marine Corps when she was 8.

"Mom taught my sisters and I to speak up and out in the face of injustice. Proud of you for using your platform," @cathygibbs1 wrote. "Thank you for not backing down to bullies! Important example for females everywhere!"

"Thank you Cathy. And thank you and your entire family for your sacrifice," Pink replied. "I’m so sorry for your loss and appreciate your kindness. Onwards and upwards towards the light."