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Pick up the unrated ‘Team America’ on DVD

Also new this week: ‘Kinsey,’ ‘White Noise,’ ‘Seinfeld: Season 4’
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“Team America: World Police”The bloody, bawdy puppet show from the creators of “South Park” comes to DVD in either the R-rated theatrical version or a no-strings-attached unrated edition that spices up the hilarious puppet-sex sequence with a couple of downright nasty additions. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s spoof of action films and all other things Hollywood features a marionette cast in the story of an actor recruited as an undercover agent to infiltrate terrorist conspiracies. The DVD has deleted and extended scenes and a batch of goofy featurettes on creating the puppets, action sequences and miniature explosions. DVD, $29.95. (Paramount) Read the original theatrical review

“The Grudge: Extended Version”Sarah Michelle Gellar’s creep show clocks in 12 minutes longer in this expanded cut. The U.S. hit based on a Japanese fright flick stars Gellar as an American student in Japan who has the misfortune of hooking up with a house where tormented spirits cozy up to all its visitors. Director Takashi Shimuzu, who also made the original Japanese hit on which the movie was based, provides commentary and also includes two of his short films on the DVD. The disc also has 15 deleted scenes, plus video diaries by Gellar and co-star KaDee Strickland and a tour of the creepy house. DVD, $28.95. (Sony) Read the original theatrical review


and in Fox Searchlight's - 2004
and in Fox Searchlight's - 2004

Liam Neeson stars as groundbreaking sexuality researcher Alfred Kinsey, who suffered through his own emotional and sexual hang-ups as he opened America’s bedroom doors with provocative studies on human mating habits. Laura Linney scored a supporting-actress Academy Award nomination. The movie comes in a single-disc or two-DVD set, each with commentary by writer-director Bill Condon. The two-disc package also features deleted scenes and an alternate ending, background on the Kinsey Institute and a sex questionnaire. Two-disc set, $34.98; single DVD, $27.98. (20th Century Fox) Read the original theatrical review

“White Noise”Michael Keaton’s a couch potato sitting in front of the tube in this horror hit about a man convinced his dead wife is trying to contact him through his television — only to find evil more terrifying than daytime talk shows also dwells within the airwaves. The DVD has about nine minutes of deleted footage and three featurettes about the notion of white-noise supernatural chatrooms, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, as professional paranormal types call it. For those looking to contact dear, departed Aunt Millie, one featurette lays out a do-it-yourself lesson on making your own EVP recordings at home. DVD, $29.98. (Universal) Read the original theatrical review

“The Sea Inside”

Last year’s Academy Award winner for foreign-language film stars Javier Bardem in a tremendous performance as Ramon Sampedro, who battled Spain’s anti-euthanasia policies for 30 years seeking the right to die after he was paralyzed in a diving accident. Director and co-writer Alejandro Amenabar (“The Others”) offers audio commentary, and the DVD features deleted scenes and a documentary about the making of the movie. DVD, $27.95. (New Line) Read the original theatrical review

“Steve McQueen Collection”A box of pure cool. Marking what would have been Steve McQueen’s 75th birthday this spring, this boxed set repackages previously released DVDs of four of his most memorable flicks. The set has the World War II POW thriller “The Great Escape” (fans take note, this is the bare-bones, single-disc edition, not the loaded two-DVD set released last year); the gunfighters-for-hire adventure “The Magnificent Seven”; the heist caper “The Thomas Crown Affair”; and the rodeo cowboy tale “Junior Bonner,” a surprisingly tender story from director Sam Peckinpah. Also for McQueen fans, a second boxed set with such films as “Bullitt” and “The Getaway” is due out May 31. DVD set, $49.96. (MGM)

TV on DVD:

“Seinfeld: Season 4” — The sitcom about being and nothingness is back in a four-disc set packing all 24 episodes from year four. Like the first three seasons, the set is a gold mine for fans, loaded with deleted scenes and outtakes, behind-the-scenes glimpses and interviews and commentaries with cast and crew, including Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Larry David. Also included is standup footage of Seinfeld on the comedy circuit. DVD set, $49.95. (Sony)

“Cheers: The Complete Fifth Season” — The beloved sitcom unfortunately does not get the loving treatment accorded to “Seinfeld,” arriving with no DVD extras. The four-disc set has the 26 episodes of season five, culminating with Shelley Long’s departure as barmaid Diane Chambers after leaving Sam Malone (Ted Danson) hanging at the altar. DVD set, $38.99. (Paramount)

“Six Feet Under: The Complete Third Season” — The macabre little funeral parlor weathers the addition of a new partner, a new apprentice and a new addition to the family. Season three’s 13 episodes come in a five-disc package, with deleted scenes, interview segments and commentary by creator Alan Ball and others on five shows. DVD set, $99.98. (HBO)

“Scrubs: The Complete First Season” — Zach Braff — writer, director and star of “Garden State” — leads a cast of doctors, residents and nurses in this oddball medical sitcom. The three-disc set has 24 episodes, with commentary by Braff and others on six, plus deleted footage, a making-of featurette and an interview with Braff. DVD set, $49.99. (Disney)

“The Golden Girls: The Complete Second Season” — Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty return as four saucy seniors in Miami. Year two’s 26 episodes are contained in a three-disc set, accompanied by a “Golden Girls” trivia quiz. DVD, $49.99. (Disney)

Other new releases:

“Pooh’s Heffalump Movie” — This animated family tale gives Winnie the Pooh and his pals a lesson on misplaced fear as they meet face to face with the horrible Heffalumps that live in Hundred Acre Wood. The DVD has a sing-along and a hide-and-seek game for the kids. DVD, $29.99. (Disney)

“Son of the Mask” — From the what-were-they-thinking department comes this thoroughly unnecessary follow-up to Jim Carrey’s hit “The Mask.” Jamie Kennedy steps in as a new dad terrorized by his baby, who’s born with the mystical mask’s superpowers. Kennedy and collaborators offer commentary. DVD, $27.95. (New Line)