Is this a photo of a beach or a car door? The answer may surprise you

Some people see a beautiful beach. Others see a banged-up car door.

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/ Source: TODAY
By Alyssa Newcomb

A debate is raging on social media over whether a photo shows a beach or a banged-up car door.

While it seems like most people should be able to tell the difference between those two very different answers, the photo doesn't make it easy.

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Some people see a serene beach, complete with sand and water gently cascading to shore. Other people see a tightly cropped photo of a damaged car door in need of a repair.

Some were on Team Beach.

Others said it clearly shows a damaged car.

While some people were resolute in their answers, others changed their opinions after staring at the photo for a few minutes.

A good optical illusion is fun, but there is a right answer in this case. The Twitter user who posted the photo driving people nuts explained that it is indeed of a car door.

So, there you have it. However, you can still argue about it all you want.

Whether we're talking about what color that now-infamous dress is, or whether there's a rabbit or a duck in an old drawing, one thing is for certain: The internet loves a good, silly debate. And we're here for it.