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This transformation artist became 31 'Harry Potter' characters in 31 days

For each day in October, Jaremi Carey morphed himself into a different character from "Harry Potter."
/ Source: TODAY

Jaremi Carey, known by many as his drag alter ego Phi Phi O'Hara, has always had an affinity for all things "Harry Potter."

"I've loved 'Harry Potter' since I was a kid, and now as an adult I get to become the witches and wizards I dreamed of being and in doing so share it with the world to enjoy as well," Carey told TODAY.

So when it came time for Halloween season this year, Carey decided to transform himself into 31 characters from the wizarding world for the month of October. (The end result is pretty amazing, and the look for the last day was also quite a surprise.)

"The most work was Pettigrew, from the prosthetics to gluing hair on my body," Carey explained. "None were really easy, but maybe Umbridge because I had that look already and was dying to photograph it so I didn't have to stress about making it."

Carey, who rose to prominence on the fourth season of the Emmy award-winning reality series "RuPaul's Drag Race," prefers to be labeled as a "transformation artist."

"I do so much more than drag," Carey told TODAY. "I don't conform to any gender and I make art simply because I like bringing nostalgia to life for people to feel good and happy in a world full of negative things."

On what series of characters may be next, Carey said: "I have always wanted to do 'Star Wars' and Tim Burton, so I can bet you one of those is happening next!"

Here are all the looks from Jaremi Carey's "31 Days of Wizardry" series:

Dolores Umbridge

Professor Slughorn

Moaning Myrtle

Rita Skeeter

Peter Pettigrew

Draco Malfoy

Molly Weasley

Hermione Granger

Professor Flitwick


Sirius Black

Nymphadora Tonks

Professor Sprout

Narcissa Malfoy

Professor Trelawney

Professor Snape

Fleur Delacour

The Fat Lady

Professor McGonagall

Professor Quirrell

Cho Chang

Viktor Krum

Luna Lovegood

Madam Hooch

Rubeus Hagrid

Harry Potter

Olympe Maxime

Lucius Malfoy

Albus Dumbledore

Lord Voldemort

and last but not least... J.K. Rowling!