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Peter Jackson is the man behind ‘Kong’

The original 1933 film is the ‘Lord of the Rings’ director’s favorite film
/ Source: Access Hollywood

"King Kong" director Peter Jackson has had an obsession with the Empire State Building and the giant gorilla that first made it famous back in 1933.

And as the Access Hollywood Volkswagen Touareg Countdown to Kong continues, we find Peter standing face-to-face with it once again.

"Honestly, it really is quite a comfortable perch for a 25-foot gorilla," Jackson told us.

Our hosts and a special audience were treated to a screening of the film on Wednesday night in New York.

"Did people respond the way you wanted?" Billy asked Peter.

"Nancy was shrieking and Billy, you were crying like a baby. You went through an entire box of Kleenex. It worked," Jackson smiled.

As it turns out, "King Kong" is Peter's dream project. The 1933 original is his favorite movie, so rest assured the new Kong is in good hands.

But fulfilling his dream wasn't easy. The added stress took a toll on both mind and body.

"Getting a big ape wrestled to the ground, it's been tough. It's been a hard film," Jackson admitted. Peter had the final word on the entire look of the film. From the mysterious Skull Island to the look of the T-Rexes that take on Kong.

"I wanted Skull Island to be the most hellish, tortuous jungle that you could ever possibly imagine," he revealed. "I wanted [the dinosaurs] to be big and mean and very scary."

Jackson assembled an effects team that took his ideas from storyboard to model to computer animation.

"They devised this wonderful sequence where this T-Rex falls down the ledge taking Kong down with him and there's this really intricate and complicated sequence in these vines that are strung up between the two sides of this chasm," Peter said. "They have fought many battles before, both Kong and the T-Rexes carry scars. They carry marks of previous battles on their bodies."

But before one can reach the horrors and wonders of Skull Island, you must get there on The Venture — or should we say Ventures.

"In filming the movie, we used like four or five different Ventures," Peter said. "The main one and the most spectacular one was a real ship."

But the very "hands-on" Peter kept his feet off the real ship.

"You get sea sick?" Nancy asked Peter.

"I do. I can't stand it. In fact, I very cleverly figured out a way not to go out to sea at all," he explained. "I built the boat in a parking lot."

Catch "King Kong" when it hits theaters December 14.