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PETA takes aim at Dick Cheney

The high-profile animal-rights group has sent a letter to the vice-president, who accidentally shot a lawyer while the two men were quail hunting.
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PETA is taking aim at Dick Cheney.

The high-profile animal-rights group has sent a letter to the vice-president, who accidentally while the two men were quail hunting.

“I hope that the man you mistook for a quail is doing well. I also hope that this brush with tragedy will convince you to rethink your recreational activities,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter to Cheney obtained by The Scoop. She went on to suggest that Cheney “put down your guns and pick up a tennis racket” — which, she adds, would be better for his heart.

“Mr. Cheney, there is so much violence in the world that is beyond our control,” Newkirk concluded, “but you can avoid hurting innocent animals (and well-connected lawyers) by putting down your guns and taking up a nonviolent sport.”

Madonna puts foot in mouth
Madonna has annoyed some Brits by saying that they are “kind of allergic to the idea [of God]” — but others are taking the comment as further evidence that the diva’s marriage to Guy Ritchie is shaky.

Denying rumors that she forced Kabbalah on her hubby, Madonna said Ritchie “studies [Kabbalah], but probably not as enthusiastically as I do. He does it in his own way. He’s into more of the intellectual side of it than I am.  . . . I would say he believes in God. Maybe he always did, but Brits are kind of allergic to the idea [of God],” according to

One close Kabbalah watcher says that doesn’t bode well. “Madonna is to the Kabbalah Centre what Tom Cruise is to Scientology, its number one booster and cash contributor,” notes Rick Ross of

He says that if one partner is more interested in the religion than the other: “The scenario goes something like this: if a current or would-be significant other does not demonstrate an interest in the group and its teachings, committed students have been warned that this may mean that they are not ‘spiritually right’ or a ‘good match’ for them.”

Madonna’s spokeswoman and the singer herself have denied buzz that she and Ritchie are having marital woes, but Ross adds, “We just don’t see them together as much as we used to. All signs are that they’re having serious differences.”

Notes from all overBritney Spears will be moonlighting as a correspondent. The Louisiana native is covering Mardi Gras for "Good Morning America," according to her Web site.  . . . After filming “Freedomland,” Samuel L. Jackson gave co-star Julianne Moore a necklace. “I gave him a pen-and-ink drawing of handcuffs,” Moore told the Toronto Sun, “because it was like we were handcuffed together the whole movie.”  . . . “Brokeback Mountain” fans can now buy Jack and Ennis dolls. An enterprising eBay entrepreneur is hawking “fully pose-able” dolls dressed like the characters played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in the so-called "gay cowboy" film. The dolls come complete with two horses, a campfire, dog, tent, flashlight, liquor bottle, tree and a can of beans.

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