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PETA growling over Prince Charles’ visit

Prince Charles may have a bear of a visit to the U.S.
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Prince Charles may have a bear of a visit to the U.S.

The future King of England is coming to the States for the first time since his wedding in April, and an animal-rights group plans to hound him every moment he’s here.

A protester from PETA dressed in a bear costume and waving a sign that reads “Save My Skin” is gearing up to greet the prince at each stop he makes — starting today. The protest is an effort to convince Buckingham Palace to use fake fur instead of bearskins to make the Place Guards’ hats.

“Prince Charles is known to be a staunch defender of the environment, so it would make sense for him to oppose the slaughter of black bears for something as frivolous as a ceremonial hat,” says PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. “The Prince’s wife, Camilla, has recently undergone a fashion makeover, and it’s time for the Palace Guards to get one, too.”

One of us! One of us!Tom Cruise — who has been speaking out a lot lately about his Scientology beliefs — got a standing ovation at a Scientology fundraiser for his support of the controversial religion.

Cruise, who attended the U.K. fundraiser with pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes, seemed startled by the outburst of applause at the event, where he was presented with the Diamond Meritorious Award for spreading Scientology.

“It has been an amazing event and it is even more amazing that Tom has brought Katie,” a source told “It feels really good knowing that she is one of us now.”  Cruise is rumored to have donated more than $3.6 million to Scientology.

Another high-profile Scientology couple, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, wowed the crowed by taking to the stage while Isaac Hayes performed, and danced “Grease” style to “Stand By Me,” according to ITN.

Notes from all overMarilyn Monroe was planning to re-marry Joe DiMaggio, according to an eyebrow-raising article in the upcoming issue of Playboy. DiMaggio bought rings and Monroe had her dress picked out, the mag alleges, but the wedding date turned out to be the day of her funeral. Based on the findings unearthed by investigative Lisa DePaulo, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says he believes Monroe didn’t kill herself. “I would like to see these new details of Marilyn Monroe’s death result in a new investigation into the cause of her death, and ultimately a new autopsy,” he said. . . . Val Kilmer is not a fan of Paris Hilton. “She is famous for nothing,” he told the Scottish Daily Record. “It is what we celebrate — the nothingness of her fame. It’s funny, like a reality show that is her life. And she is flying with it, she made $100 million last year.” . . . . Madonna wasn’t a very good patient. “I had to be rushed to the hospital [after falling from her horse] and have a thousand X-rays and I was totally in denial. I was screaming at the nurses; they weren’t very happy with me,” she said, reports the Irish Examiner. “I just thought: ‘Oh God, the rest of my summer’s ruined, I won’t be able to dance anymore, I won’t be able to do yoga anymore. How long will I be an invalid and incapacitated?’ I just freaked out.”

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