'Perfect Strangers' cast reunites for '80s sitcom parody: 'Perfect Stranger Things'

/ Source: TODAY

Family sitcom "Perfect Strangers" debuted in the mid-1980s, and Netflix's spooky hit "Stranger Things" is set in the same time period — and that's the only connection that could possibly be made between the two series.

Or it was, until Monday night.

Thanks to this Jimmy Kimmel mismatched mashup, we can now witness the horror and hilarity of "Perfect Stranger Things."

"Balki and Larry are back, and things are stranger than ever," says the narrator in the fantasy promo.

The fun begins in typical "Perfect Strangers" fashion, with good o'l Balki Bartokomous springing a wacky plan on his beleaguered Cousin Larry.

"My sister's uncle's dog's nephew needs a place to stay," he says.

When the doorbell rings, their new roomie is revealed: The Upside Down's creepiest splay-faced baddie, the Demogorgon.

Cue the high jinks, cheesy jokes and zany misunderstandings.

And the guest stars! The kid crew of "Stranger Things" makes an appearance as a quartet of trick-or-treaters who get caught up in the chaos.

It all caps off with the roommates realizing that a little terror and a lot of interdimensional slime is just part of living together, so they do the traditional Dance of Joy.

And they leave the audience wanting more of this ridiculous retro fun!