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A perfect 10 for Kendra? 'Dancing' star thinks she's ready

Many “Dancing With the Stars” fans (including yours truly) had Kendra Wilkinson pegged as the obvious ballroom boot this week, but Petra Nemcova’s bad luck — otherwise known as the curse of the “Dancing” supermodel — saved her. So what about next week? Well, Wilkinson plans to shock fans once again.

Not only does the former “Girl Next Door” expect to stay in the competition, she believes she just might just earn a perfect 10, too.

No, really.

Despite delivering a series of less than impressive dances, Wilkinson promises to really shake things up during Guilty Pleasures Week.

“Next week could be my first 10 of the competition,” Wilkinson told Entertainment Tonight while her pro partner, Louis van Amstel, quietly looked on.

In fact, if the reality star accomplishes that unbelievable feat, it would be the first 10 for any star this season.

“I’m ready for it," she assured. "I’m ready to give it my all. I mean now that I’m having my confidence, I want to take that into a Latin dance — one that I’ve been really waiting for — and really shake it.”

While Wilkinson didn’t reveal which Latin number she’ll tackle, it seems safe to say she’s referring to the samba, which would certainly allow her plenty of opportunities to “shake it.” But that doesn’t mean she’ll be happy about it.

Yes, even with an imagined 10 on the horizon, the frequently dissatisfied star has found something to be dissatisfied about — the song selection.

“I can't say what it is, but it's a song I've always hated,” she told to E! Online. “It's the worst song I could ever imagine myself dancing to. We have zero say in what song we get, but we're fighting it. … This song they're giving us, I even hated growing up. It's from the '80s and it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. I can't get into it at all."

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