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People are loving Demi Moore's work setup in her bathroom

Demi Moore posted photos of herself working in her bathroom, and people on Instagram had some thoughts.
/ Source: TODAY

During lockdown, plenty of people have figured out creative ways to work from home, from turning the kitchen table into a desk to curling up on the couch in sweatpants.

But Demi Moore has found a slightly more unusual spot to get some work done: her bathroom!

The actress, 57, shared two photos of herself having what looks like a Zoom call on her laptop, with a bathtub clearly in the background in one picture, and a toilet and bathroom sink visible in the other.

“Excited to finally share what I’ve been working on!” she wrote in the caption, referring to her new scripted podcast, “Dirty Diana.”

While plenty of people in the comments congratulated Moore on her new podcast project, many others also weighed in on her unconventional surroundings.

“I can't tell if there's a couch in the bathroom or a toilet in the living room lol 😂” one person commented.

Some people also had thoughts about her wall-to-wall carpeting.

“Shag carpet in bathroom. Interesting,” one person wrote, with another adding, “Is that carpet next to the bathtub?”

But others totally related to Moore’s choice of workspace.

“It is so cute and funny to see you working in the bathroom ...” one person commented. “My husband is a writer, he does it too.”

“I need a couch in my bathroom!!!!” another person chimed in.

Moore’s bathroom does look pretty spacious and comfortable, and it looks like she’s figured out the ideal desk arrangement that works for her, raising her computer up to eye level and using a fancy-looking adjustable stand to hold her tablet.

Anyone who’s ever worked from home knows that half the battle is figuring out the ideal ergonomic setup to keep you comfortable throughout the day — because let’s face it, sitting slumped on the sofa isn’t a great long-term option for most of us — so hats off to Moore for figuring out what works for her!