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Peek inside Kathie Lee's fridge for 'Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day'

The inside of Kathie Lee's fridge.

Old Chinese food cartons, ancient condiments and potential science experiments don't stand a chance, as Friday is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. 

What better way to make room for the inevitable Thanksgiving leftovers that will be clogging your refrigerator (and arteries) later this month than to clean out those items that have been in there too long?

In honor of the occasion, Kathie Lee showed off the inside of her fridge.

"Oh please," said Hoda, upon seeing its neatly organized interior. "Everything's lined up and nothing's green and molding. I like your fridge!"

"It's in the back," joked KLG, of the "green and molding" items.

Hoda said she declined to photograph her fridge because it alternates between being a disaster zone and being empty.

"But you live in the city, you eat out so much," KLG said.

"And I order in," Hoda agreed.

"You order in a lot," KLG winked. "Just cozy nights in!"

The ladies then took a peek at some of the fridge photos TODAY viewers have sent in over the last few days, and offered some tips on how to clean out your fridge for the big day.

As for where this unique "holiday" came from, it began as a promotion created by the "home economists" at Whirlpool Home Appliances in 1999 to encourage people to clean out their refrigerators in advance of the holidays. The company even had a toll-free hotline people could call for cleaning tips. 

Feeling guilty about the inside of your fridge? Check out some of the fridge shots KLGH fans have shared: