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By Ree Hines

When Matt Lauer paid a visit to prankster Ellen DeGeneres last week, he warned her, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Why the revenge talk? Well, the TODAY anchor had a very good reason.

DeGeneres has had Lauer (and even our Al Roker) in her playful crosshairs a lot lately. First she gave him a digital makeover, making him look like the ultimate "Fifty Shades of Grey" superfan. Then, when she found out that some TODAY viewers thought Lauer had actually donned the barely-there leather ensemble, she presented him with a bondage-gear portrait to mark the occasion.

Lauer planned to take his time to find the perfect payback, but after her latest gag, he's putting a rush on that revenge.

This time, DeGeneres told her viewers that Lauer put that portrait up in his dressing room — and the room got a digital makeover of its own to look like the "Fifty Shades" Red Room.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube

Of course, DeGeneres claimed it was "100 percent not edited at all."


"We could've dropped the whole thing, but I wasn't done yet," she said with a very big smile.

Then she delivered the (all-in-good-fun) fighting words: "He claimed he was going to try to get back and me. But you can't beat me at this game, Lauer!"

Well, he certainly plans to try.

"I have now dedicated half of our staff to working on this prank," Lauer announced Thursday on TODAY. "I'm also accepting applications for prank producers, and if you have ideas for a prank for Ellen, tweet me. I will be checking that out all day today."

It didn't take long before some excellent — and downright hilarious — ideas popped up on Twitter.

We like the way you think! Keep 'em coming.

Chris Serico contributed to this story.

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