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Pauly D wants love life guidance

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images / Today

It appears that Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio can clean up for morning television. He certainly did an efficient job for his appearance on TODAY  -- you'd hardly know that he was the kind of guy who would wake up his roommates with a horn, or who will sit chained to a pole while Britney Spears grooves and grinds for him, or who gleefully asserts that his is the best body on "Jersey Shore."

It turns out that Pauly D can charm everybody, including Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, who asked him about whether the "Shore" folks trashed their Florence, Italy digs ("Maybe. A little bit," he grinned sheepishly) and who couldn't resist touching his solid-looking, tall-standing hair. What's in it? "A lot of gel," he admitted. "I like to keep my hair on point, like my style."

He also touched briefly on appearing on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour, where he puts his DJ skills to work opening for both Spears and Nicki Minaj. But Pauly D really may have won over a lot of hearts -- well, at least the hearts that weren't too hardened by the "Shore" cast's GTL lifestyle and hot tub games -- when he admitted that he feels like the oft-derided Snooki has settled down.

"Snooki is a great girl, and she was looking for the right one," he told Hoda and Kathie Lee. "For a girl it looks bad when you're looking a lot. I told her, I want to screen these guys first. She's like a little sister to me now. I want to meet the guy first."

"Jersey Shore" has been bigger than ever this season, which has the cast making mayhem in Italy -- the season premiere's Aug. 11 ratings brought in more viewers than most other networks (8.8 million), and more than the Republican candidates' debate on Fox. 

"The fact that people actually watch us, it's great," said Pauly D. "But it's a lot of people."

Still, not everything is coming up roses for Pauly D, who says he could use a little guidance in his own love life. He admitted he'd like to have someone out there vetting potential girls -- the way he would for Snooki's dates. "I need someone to approve of my girls, because I don't have anyone yet," he said, nodding at his hostesses. "All the good ones are taken."

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