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Paulina Porizkova thanks fans and explains why she posted teary photo

In a follow-up message, the former supermodel got candid about shame and how she has come to accept it in her life.
/ Source: TODAY

Paulina Porizkova is thanking fans for their support after sharing a candid Instagram post where she opened up about her feelings of betrayal and heartache.

Porizkova, 56, shared a follow-up post on Friday, posting a makeup-free selfie to her Instagram. The former supermodel-turned-writer wrote a personal message in the caption, reflecting on her past and explaining that she had come to accept things in her life that she once felt were shameful.

“Shameless or Shameloss?” she began her caption. “Firstly, thank you all so much for the unexpected amount of sympathy. A few of my friends accused me of being a narcissist and posting my emotions on IG for so I could get attention and my ass kissed by sycophants. I had to think about it. Am I here to gather sympathy?”

Porizkova denied opening up on social media to attract attention. “No. I’m here because I’m trying to exorcise my shame," she continued.

"I post thoughts and emotions that I’m ashamed of. I am ashamed that I’m am grieving, heartbroken and sad,” she explained. “I am ashamed that I am needy. I am ashamed that I’m aging. I’m ashamed that I can be a judgmental b----."

Porizkova, a mother of two added, "I’m ashamed I wasn’t the parent I meant to be. I’m ashamed that that those I loved left me. I’m ashamed of my fear that I’m not worth loving. I’m ashamed to not measure up to expectations and disappoint. I’m ashamed to cry. I’m ashamed of all my vulnerabilities.”

Porizkova explained that she wanted to be honest about what she viewed as her embarrassments and insecurities in an effort to make them less shameful and accept them herself.

“So I share them. Sharing them is making them less shameful and in return, I gain acceptance of who I am. The authentic me,” she wrote. “Not the one I would like to sell you.”

To conclude her post, Porizkova ended on a hopeful note, writing, “There. I shared with you to lose my shame. You’re welcome to do the same!”

Earlier that day, Porizkova shared an emotional post on Instagram alongside an unfiltered photo of herself that appeared to be taken while she had been crying. In the caption, she acknowledged that while many people prefer to view positive content on social media, that may not always be the reality of life.

“Everyday is not a happy day in the path of recovery,” she wrote. “Trust after being betrayed seems as far fetched as being shot into space. Correction. It’s easier to see myself shot into space at this moment. When you’ve been betrayed- promised something, only to have that promise broken without your participation - you were blindsided. You trusted someone you loved, and now all love is suspect.”

It’s unclear what Porizkova was referring to in her initial post but it's not the first time she has shared her feelings publicly. Last year, Porizkova got candid about the grief and anger she felt when she learned her late husband, who died in 2019, did not include her in his will.

There have also been reports that this past summer, Porizkova and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin split up. The former couple had made their red carpet debut together at the Academy Awards in April.

Despite the heartache and betrayal that Porizkova has seemingly been experiencing, she has shared that she is still holding onto a positive outlook on life and love.

“But love is not possible without trust. And a world without love is not worth living. (All kinds of love),” she wrote. “So what does one do when you want to stay open, but the wind of betrayal keeps slamming the door? I guess -maybe - walk outside and brave the weather?”