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Is Paula’s beauty routine getting in way of love?

In 2007 Abdul began quietly dating restaurateur JT Torregiani. Unfortunately for Abdul, it looks like that relationship might have run its course.

In 2006, Paula Abdul appeared on “Love Smart,” a Dr. Phil special meant to help the “Idol” judge find true love. The show didn’t have immediate results, but in 2007 Abdul began quietly dating restaurateur JT Torregiani. Unfortunately for Abdul, it looks like that relationship might have run its course.

“He’s not serious about it and isn’t too invested,” an insider told In Touch Weekly. The source also said that Torregiani “talks to other women on the phone when Paula isn’t around.”

The “American Idol” judge, 45, also didn’t make an appearance at the opening of Beso — a restaurant that JT is a partial owner of — on March 6 where, an insider said, “he was flirting with a lot of women.”

Abdul's no-show might not have had much to do with Torregiani, but it could have been the increasingly elaborate routine Abdul requires for appearances.

One makeup artist who very recently worked with Abdul said that it routinely takes as long as four hours before she's satisfied with her hair and makeup. “Getting her out of the house is a major effort,” said the source. “How can it not get in the way of real life?”

Indian adoption for Madonna?          

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

Madonna is going to adopt a child from India? That's what Bollywood choreographer, Sandip Soparrkar, would like the public to think. “She has a deep love for things Indian, from sporting a bindi to wearing mehendi on her hands to practicing yoga. Adopting an Indian baby is an extension of that love,” Soparrkar told Indian press.

She might have an affinity for country, but don’t rush out to buy baby gifts just yet. Madonna’s longtime rep, Liz Rosenberg, responded to a confirmation request in record time and shot down the idea of another baby for Madge. “It’s not true,” Rosenberg said.

So where did this rumor come from? Soparrkar claims the two met when Madonna traveled to India on holiday. She looked him up when she wanted to “learn Latino dance moves” and was inspired by the little boy Soparrkar adopted himself.

John McCain on ‘The View’
The ladies of “The View” don't keep it a secret when they are smitten with a politician. Barbara Walters told Sen. Barack Obama that he was “very sexy looking,” and in October, Whoopi Goldberg said that she “would do” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. When Sen. John McCain appeared on the chatfest April 10, there was no such talk, but McCain seemed to charm certain members of the panel (which was missing Sherri Shepard) nonetheless.

Before the show began, many believed conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck would have the most interaction with McCain. Surprisingly, Joy Behar, who was seated to McCain’s left, captured a considerable amount of the candidate’s attention.

Behar asked not once, but twice, whether McCain would “admit it was a mistake to go into Iraq.” (McCain was saved by the commercial break the first time and answered “no” the second.) And off-camera, the two had a heated discussion that was interspersed with laughter. The two genuinely seemed to get along. Did McCain inspire Behar to change her vote? “I am very fond of him personally, but I am opposed to his politics,” Behar said after the show.

McCain and Obama each had about 20 to 23 minutes of live air time on the show. The major difference between the two appearances, however, is that McCain was able to cover more on-message talking points because he wasn’t derailed by “sexy” talk, if you will. The effect on the audience seemed positive. Many were overheard saying things such as, “I like him much more than I did an hour ago” and “He seemed more like a real person than I thought he would.” (Note: Audience members do not know who the guest will be when they receive tickets to the show.)

That’s not to say that McCain’s biggest fan, Hasselbeck, was left out entirely. “Ever consider a McCain Hasselbeck ticket?” she asked.

Weekend box officeThe box office stops for no one, even those who still feel a little down about the demise of their epic winning streak. This weekend's new crop of films includes Miramax’s “Smart People,” which could do surprisingly well despite opening in only 1,150 theaters. Why? It’s the first film from Ellen Page since “Juno,” and it co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid and Thomas Haden Church.

Crime thriller “Street Kings” should do well, too. It stars Keanu Reeves, who hasn’t been on the big screen since “The Lake House,” and he plays opposite Forest Whitaker and Hugh Laurie, of “House.” It doesn’t hurt that the film will be opening in 2,500 theaters.

My pick though, is “Prom Night” from Sony/Screen Gems, which will open in an impressive 2,400-plus theaters. The horror flick doesn’t have any really big names attached to the project, but the genre will set it apart from the pack, as “21” and “Street Kings” will likely split the young male audience, and young women are showing early interest.