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Paula Abdul may be heading back to ‘Idol’

The show is certainly having a rough go at it this year, and there’s no easy answer about what can be done to keep ratings from sinking next season. But one rumor has the former judge returning.
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“American Idol” is certainly having a rough go at it this year, and there’s no easy answer about what can be done to keep ratings from sinking farther when Simon Cowell is absent from the judges’ panel next year. One rumor floating around is that the show will bring Paula Abdul back.

Official comment from “American Idol” and Abdul’s rep was a “no comment.” But according to one “Idol” source, “With Paula, anything’s possible. She could come back. She’s not banned or anything, but I’m not even sure that would do the trick.”

In Touch Weekly reported that it’s unclear whether Abdul would replace one of next year’s remaining judges, or whether she would just replace Cowell.

“They’re not sure if she’d be the fifth judge, but they are talking to her. People tuned in to see Paula’s wacky antics and her chemistry with Simon. The show is just not as much fun to watch without her,” according to a source close to the show who spoke with the magazine.

How much for that celeb?When celebrities arrive at a nightclub, store opening or party, the odds are they aren’t there out the kindness of their heart. It’s more likely they’re being paid to show up. The event gets to claim an A-lister (at best) and the celeb gets some extra cash. It’s a win-win, and the recession hasn’t hurt this side business.

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Beyonce scored a reported $2 million payday for performing at a New Year’s Eve concert for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s son, but that’s really the top end of the pay scale. Kim Kardashian gets $100,000, according to Life & Style, but she’s discerning. “She accepts only those offers brought to her by trusted friends or people she has an existing relationship with,” said the magazine.

Snooki of “Jersey Shore” brings in about $15,000, and Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s husband, can get $10,000 to $25,000 to deejay a party because event hosts “no doubt hope he’ll bring along his famous wife,” said Life & Style.

At the bottom end of the scale is Lindsay Lohan, who will reportedly show at a nightclub for $2,500 cash.

Jake Gyllenhaal, method actor Expect a solid performance from Jake Gyllenhaal in his new film, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (out May 28). Gyllenhaal took the role so seriously he stayed in character even when the cameras stopped rolling, according to an Us Weekly report.

“Jake would chat with crew and visitors in a British accent,” according to an onset source who spoke to the magazine. “It was funny to hear this American guy talking in an accent when he wasn’t shooting. He took it very seriously.”

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