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Paula Abdul has ‘never had more fun’

Former “American Idol” judge has been made a regular character and “Drop Dead Diva” and she has a VH1 divas special in the works.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Paula Abdul is heading to Las Vegas for her own show.

At a Sunday night soiree in Los Angeles to celebrate Lifetime’s primetime hit “Drop Dead Diva,” which Abdul guest stars on in episodes airing Sept. 13 and Oct. 11, the former “American Idol” judge confirmed the rumors she is about to get her own show in Sin City.

“That will be more… really announced later, when everything’s worked (out),” a glowing Abdul told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson. “It’s going to happen, but the details have yet to be ironed out.”

Abdul also confirmed that her former “Idol” executive producer-turned-“So You Think You Can Dance” judge, Nigel Lythgoe, has invited her over to his show, in what appears to be a guest judge role.

“Nigel has offered… I don’t know yet,” Abdul explained of her reaction to the idea. “I’m a big fan of the show. It’s fantastic, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I maybe came in and guest judged, but I don’t know the details of any of that.”

The triple-threat also broke news that her role as “Judge Paula Abdul” on “Drop Dead Diva” has gone from guest spot to recurring role.

Before her days as the “nice judge” on “American Idol,” she was a professional cheerleader, scored a string of pop hits and starred in a brief but bizarre reality show.

“I’ve never had more fun,” Abdul said of the part, which sees her playing a bedazzled courtroom judge, who gives the show’s heroine, Jane, played by Brooke Elliott, advice during dream-like sequences.

Abdul will also take the stage on Sept. 17 to host VH1’s “Divas,” which features performances from former “Idols” Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks, and former “Idol” contestant and Oscar-winner, Jennifer Hudson.

“It’s beyond satisfying,” Abdul said of how things are coming together post-“Idol.” “Everything feels just warm and it feels great and like I’m doing the right thing.”

But while she’s moved on from the Fox reality show, Abdul has kept in touch with her former “Idol” family.

“I’ve heard from everyone and I love them all,” she said. “I wish them absolutely best. And we check in on each other and see how everything is going. It’s been great.”

Simon Cowell, in fact, offered her extra kind words.

“‘Love you,’” Abdul said when asked what he last said to her. “I said, ‘Love you back.’”

Cowell also reached out to Abdul’s mother, who was recently hospitalized.

“My mom, god bless her, she’s been in the hospital with pneumonia and Simon surprised her and called her,” Abdul said of her mom, who is due to get out of the hospital Monday.

But Abdul did give her mom advice for taking Cowell's call.

“I said, ‘Here are the ground rules: You can’t chat for more than a minute.’ And she goes, ‘I’m fine!’” Abdul laughed. “She’s a tough lady, you know. The Abduls are survivors.”