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Paula Abdul addresses whether she and Simon Cowell ever dated

“American Idol” fans often buzzed about the so-called sexual tension between the former judges — Cowell did, too — but what’s the truth?
America's Got Talent - Season 14
Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are friends today, but what about back in the day?NBC
/ Source: TODAY

Old-school “American Idol” fans will never forget the chemistry between Paula Abdul and the then-acerbic Simon Cowell. They swapped verbal jabs, snarky swipes and a whole lot of dirty looks— at least at first.

Over the years, their relationship evolved, never quite losing its edge, but taking on a more friendly tone. And these days the duo are close pals.

"America's Got Talent" Season 14 Finale Red Carpet
Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul attend the "America's Got Talent" red carpet on September 18, 2019 in Hollywood, California. Allen Berezovsky / WireImage

But the question remains: What was all of that tension really about back then?

One fan got the chance to ask Abdul just that on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” Wednesday night.

“There was always so much tension between you and Simon Cowell,” the caller noted. “Did anything romantic every happen?”

Abdul’s answer was short and to the point.

"Oh, guh… no!” she insisted. “No! I mean, ew! No!"

She didn’t leave a lot of room for further speculation, but maybe that's because she has to compensate for Cowell’s past comments.

Back in 2011, he told Barbara Walters that although they didn't get along at first, eventually there was a spark of something there — but it didn’t come from him.

"I think it was the sexual tension on her part," he said in a teasing tone. “A million percent.”

Cowell recently reunited with Abdul and their fellow former talent judge, Randy Jackson, for an episode of Kelly Clarkson’s new talk show. While there, he told “Idol’s” first-ever winner that he’d love to get the gang together again on the small screen.

“If I had one wish, it’d be to make another show with us again,” he said. “That would be my number one wish.”