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Paul Walker's 'Brick Mansions' debuts action-packed trailer

The second full trailer for "Brick Mansions," one of the final films made by Paul Walker before his death last November, was released Thursday, and the action-packed preview shows the late actor playing a superhero of a detective.

Walker plays Damien Collier, who has a very personal reason for tracking down drug kingpin Tremaine Alexander (played by Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA). He sets out to capture him using an amazing combination of martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, and being that this is Walker, dramatic and skillful driving.

Walker, 40, was a passenger in friend Roger Rodas' Porsche on Nov. 30, and died when the car crashed into a light pole and two trees at an event held for Walker's charity organization. Walker had completed work on "Brick Mansions" before his death.

"Brick Mansions" opens April 25. Walker will also appear in "Fast & Furious 7," which was moved to a 2015 release date following Walker's death.