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It's a gas! Paul Rudd pranks reporter, 'farts' his way through 'Ant-Man' interview

/ Source: TODAY

Making the rounds for a new movie can become a bit redundant for an actor, but Paul Rudd found a way to liven things up during a recent interview for his upcoming film "Ant-Man."

During a sit-down with Clevver Movies, Rudd noticed he could twist in his chair to create a farting noise, and he proceeded to do just that for the next two minutes of his interview.

"I've never been tooted on in an interview before!" interviewer Erin Robinson told the actor, laughing.

Before long, Rudd had Robinson blushing and he wasn't showing any signs of letting up.

"Should we see if we can do this whole interview without you even getting out one question?" Rudd joked, continuing to ham it up.

Think of how much more entertaining press junkets would be if they all had chairs like Rudd's.

"Ant-Man" hits theaters on July 17.