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Paul Reiser on a 'Mad About You' reboot: 'I'm thinking it's possible'

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt starred in the beloved 1990s sitcom, and he says he might consider a new take on their characters' love story.
/ Source: TODAY

Paul Reiser is having something of a big second career wind these days: In addition to co-starring in Season 2 of "Stranger Things" and the recently-ended "Red Oaks," he has a new series he co-wrote, "There's... Johnny!"

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But we have to confess, we still miss him playing opposite Helen Hunt in the sweet 1990s sitcom "Mad About You." So when he came to visit TODAY, we had to ask: Is a reboot even possible?

That got Reiser thinking. "For years, I've said no," he admitted. "Now I'm thinking it's possible, maybe."


MAD ABOUT YOU, Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser
Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser in Season 4 (1995-96) of the series.Everett

"Mad" was the story of newlyweds Paul Buchman (Reiser, who co-created the series) and Jamie (Hunt), who were shown handling their early years of marriage and, eventually, a daughter. It ran from 1992-99 and ultimately both actors were earning a million dollars per episode. The series finale jumped forward in the future a bit to show both ups and downs they would have over the years.

But it wasn't released on DVD until 2016, and at the time Reiser was not interested in a "Mad" revisit. "Part of why we did that was to avoid the temptation of going back," he told Variety at the time. "When you watch a reunion (show), all you do is say, 'Wow, do they look older.'"

"Ride" - Los Angeles Premiere
Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser at the premiere of her film "Ride" in 2015 in Hollywood.Getty Images

But Reiser, 60, has two children who are now grown and that has him reconsidering things. "Now my kids are on the way out of the house, and it's sort of like starting over," he said on TODAY. "Maybe there's a story there."

Still no firm commitment: "I'll come back if I do," he said.

So the wait continues!

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