Paul McCartney, Warren Buffett dinner date sparks mini-frenzy

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By Kurt Schlosser

A summer Sunday night on the town in Omaha, Nebraska, included a pasta dinner, some ice cream, and a chat on a neighborhood bench. But throw in rock star Paul McCartney and billionaire Warren Buffett, and the ordinary evening became a viral event on Twitter and Instagram.

McCartney is in Nebraska for a tour stop in Lincoln on Monday, so he grabbed dinner, dessert and headlines with Buffett, an Omaha resident, and some other folks in the city's Dundee neighborhood. A story on rounded up some of the fun details as residents crossed paths with the celebs.

"Chillin with my homies," said Tom White, 16, of Omaha about an Instagram photo which captured McCartney and Buffett over his shoulder, relaxing on a bench. White told TODAY that he and his friends had once dressed up like the Beatles for Halloween, and that seeing McCartney and getting the photo Sunday was by far the best day of his life.

Earlier, during dinner at Italian restaurant Avoli, McCartney enjoyed a special gluten-free pasta dish, chef and owner Dario Schicke told The group then went up the street to eCreamery, where a clerk said McCartney order two scoops of vanilla. Images captured the former Beatle ordering and eating his dessert.





The ice cream shop also got in on the sharing action via Facebook, and added that Buffett had a root beer float.

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To be clear, simply stating that Paul McCartney was in town wasn't going to cut it. It needed to be shouted.



According to, about 50 people gathered to look at and photograph McCartney and Buffett on their night out.

"He deserves to be called 'Sir' because he’s nothing but polite," said one man who spoke to Sir Paul.

McCartney, 72, resumed his tour last week after an illness in Tokyo in May forced him to cancel or postpone a number of dates.

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