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Paul McCartney, Jimmy Fallon delight 30 Rock tourists with surprise appearance

It was a day full of ups and downs!
/ Source: TODAY

Tourists riding the elevators in New York City's 30 Rockefeller Plaza, be warned: you never know what you're gonna get when those doors slide open.

On Thursday night, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney proved that was more true than ever — by parking themselves outside an elevator entrance and giving fans the surprise of their lives.

But don't think they were just standing there waving; Fallon and McCartney took turns at Ping-Pong, performing magic tricks, sitting in chairs in smoking jackets, pipes dangling from their mouths, and even a performance of "Drive My Car."

Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rock? That's a nice surprise! Paul McCartney with him? Now we're in shock.Getty Images

Much shrieking and delighted squeals ensue, and one woman even tries to disembark — but is gently restrained. This is not your floor, lady!

"I thought when I was little that I was gonna marry Paul McCartney," one tourist said later. "That's the closest I ever got, and I am thrilled!"

What's fun is how excited everyone is first to get an unexpected glimpse of Fallon ... and then to hear how the volume of the shock spirals up when McCartney, who's promoting his new album "Egypt Station," steps into the picture.

James Corden proved to us that any outing with Paul McCartney is something not to be missed when he drove around the former Beatle's hometown of Liverpool for "The Late Late Show" in June, but we have to admit — this was quite a ride, too!

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