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Paul McCartney helps New York couple get engaged at concert

No maybes: Paul McCartney's return to the stage Sunday after an illness forced him to postpone concert dates was amazing! But it was made even more so when he handed over the spotlight to two strangers for a very special performance.

John Dann and Claudia Rogers of Rochester, New York had been hanging around at the front of the stage all night, waving signs — "I have the ring and I'm 64!") proclaimed Dann's; Rogers' read "He won't marry me 'til he meets you."

So during his final encore for the Albany show, McCartney, 72, brought them up. Dann took a knee and proposed, getting the answer he clearly hoped for from Rogers.

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"It was so wild that I didn't even have a chance to get nervous," Dann told Gannett afterward. 

It took the couple two hours to get back to their hotel (which was just 10 minutes away) because they were immediately recognizable after the concert and had to field so many congratulations and media requests.

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