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Paul McCartney, Brian Williams and Jon Hamm rock '30 Rock' live show

For the second time in "30 Rock's" six-season run, the show took on the risks and reaped the rewards of a star-studded, live broadcast -- actually two live broadcasts, with a variety of different stars, all in one night.

East Coast fans were treated to an opening and closing cameo from musical legend Paul McCartney, while on the other side of the country, viewers saw reality TV star Kim Kardashian fill that spot.

One of the show's many highlights was a scene spoofing classic news team David Brinkley and Chet Huntley, played first by Jon Hamm and Alec Baldwin and later by Brian Williams and Baldwin.  See the clip above for a sample of both versions.

Other must-see scenes? One hilariously over-the-top send-up of "The Honeymooners," a look at television's racially insensitive past, the latest from "Nazi doctor" Spaceman and a variety of surprise appearances from "Saturday Night Live" regular Fred Armisen.


Want to see more of the show? Check out the East vs. West highlights or watch the full episodes on the "30 Rock" website.

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