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Patrick Stewart giggles through acting lesson with fiancee

If you're going to take an acting class, there are few better qualified to administer lessons than Patrick Stewart, aged 73. But if you're his 35-year-old fiancée (that would be singer Sunny Ozell, to whom he got engaged in March), your schooling may be a bit ... casual.

In a hilarious new video posted Tuesday on Ozell's Twitter account, a seated and giggly Stewart faces the camera, which is presumably wielded by Ozell. His knees are bent, and she's resting her bare feet (displaying a red-nailed pedicure) on his legs, but we never see her. The lesson? The "quadruple-take."

"It's a rarely used device in comedy," he says of the acting maneuver, "but it has its place."

When she thanks him in a chuckling tone for teaching her the other lessons, he says gently, "Shh. Hush. You're here to learn, not to talk."

The whole exercise is short, silly and delightful. Whatever you may think of this pair's age difference, they clearly have some chemistry on camera. Here's hoping the lessons — and the videos — continue!