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Patrick Dempsey is leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'

Randy Holemes / ABC / Today
Patrick Dempsey, who plays Derek Shepherd on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," says the next season will be his last on the show.

More bad news, "Grey's" fans.

A week and a half ago, creator Shonda Rhimes told TVLine that the upcoming season "might be the final season for the (original cast members)." Now, we have (a possible) confirmation from one of them.

It's McDreamy. (*sob!*) Patrick Dempsey revealed in the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair that season eight will be his last one on the show. "I do not know what's going to happen to the other characters, but for me it's done," he told the magazine. "('Grey's Anatomy' has) been great and a great part of my life, but I can't see me doing it anymore."

His statement seems pretty clear cut, but his  publicist says it's not. "He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds," the publicist told Entertainment Weekly.

During the season seven finale, Dempsey's Dr. Derek Shepherd and wife Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) ended the show on a low note with a major spat. Though a split could explain Dempsey's upcoming exit, don't count on it. "I feel like Meredith and Derek are meant to be together forever, and we're going to make sure that in the end, they wind up together," Rhimes told TVLine in May.

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