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Past game play backfires for one 'Loser'

The tricky thing about making a big, game-shaking move in a competition like “The Biggest Loser” is that it often takes a while to see the true fallout.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

The tricky thing about making a big, game-shaking move in a competition like “The Biggest Loser” is that it often takes a while to see the true fallout. That’s a lesson frequent game-shaker Arthur finally learned.

Remember his last master move? You know, the Valentine’s temptation that led him to down 35 chocolates in exchange for the power to swap his on-team threats. Well, as it turns out — and as just about anyone but Arthur could have guessed at the time — that wasn’t such a good idea.

When Arthur traded away Jennifer and the now-ousted Jay, then added Sarah and the now-ousted Denise to his team, he didn’t think too far ahead. He didn’t consider the possible twists or alliance shifts that could lie ahead. It’s safe to say the big guy has given it plenty of thought since the events of Tuesday night’s episode.

It all started after the players returned to the ranch following a surprise two-week visit to their respective homes. They all seemed refreshed, renewed and ready for the backside-kicking challenge ahead.

The goal was simple: Step on a manual belt treadmill and finish a 5K as fast as possible. The order in which the players finished would determine the order in which they’d get to pick their trainers.

That’s right! It was time for the dreaded reset button.

The teams briefly disbanded, leaving the individuals to pick their allegiances all over again. The only catch was that the trainers’ teams had to have the same number of players before and after the swap — seven each.

With all of the “we’re a family” talk on both teams, one wouldn’t expect anyone to really make waves — except for the remaining contestants displaced by Arthur. In the case of Jen, she wanted back on the black team. In the case of Sarah, she didn’t know what she wanted.

In fact, Sarah almost threw the challenge in order to allow Arthur, the otherwise obvious last place participant, the chance to ensure his safety on the black team — at least until her former red teammates chided her for that non-strategy.

So Sarah kicked it into to gear and then dropped a bombshell. It seems Arthur’s earlier swap backfired. Sarah actually wanted to stay with Bob and Jillian and become the seventh official member of the black team, making Arthur the newest and most reluctant member of the reds.

Talk about your well-placed reluctance. When the red team later lost the weigh-in, it was easy to guess who they’d cut. Despite an impassioned plea from Bob, who all but begged them to keep “the unhealthiest person who has ever been on ‘Biggest Loser,’ ” the game was over for Arthur.

Ree Hines has to admit she really felt for Arthur during his teary-eyed scale-side speech. Chin up, mister! You can still take the top at-home honors. Follow on Twitter and tell her your take on Arthur’s game.