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Paris votes for president — every single year

Paris Hilton not only reads the Bible — she also votes for president. Regularly.
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Paris Hilton not only reads the Bible — she also votes.

The ex-jailbird heiress — who raised eyebrows when she told Larry King that she reads the Bible but couldn’t single out her favorite part — seems to have a similarly fuzzy passion for politics. While off camera, King asked Paris Hilton if she votes, according to a source.

Oh yes, Hilton responded.

When did you last vote, King asked according to the insider, who says that Hilton replied, “Last year.”

When King wanted to know which election she voted in, Hilton explained, “Presidential.”

“I guess she forgot there was no presidential election last year,” quipped one amused source. “She was too busy reading the Bible.”

No song for Britney
Don’t expect Pink to team up with Britney Spears.

The “Stupid Girls” punk rocker says she’d never write a song for Spears — even though she has nothing personal against the Toxic singer — she just thinks that Spears is not enough of a “real singer.”

“(It’s) not because I don’t like (Spears) — I do think she’s crazy enough to do one of my songs,” Pink said, reports WENN. “But it’s very hard for me to let go of my songs and the only people I write for are real singers — not that she’s not a real singer, but she's more of an entertainer.”

Pink says Spears doesn’t have enough attitude. “When I mean real singers, I mean the likes of Lauryn Hill, Faith Hill,” she explained. “And I’d write for Amy Winehouse, because you need serious attitude to carry off the dumb stuff I write about.”

Notes from all over
Boy George
came to love the cops during his time in jail. “Being arrested in America is terrible. I don’t wish it to anyone,” the Karma Chameleon crooner said while in Brazil. “At first I was sad and scared, but, within time, the police itself gave me support and tranquility. I ended up getting close to them, maybe it’s my next job.” ... Usher is mellowing. “I used to be the guy who tore off his shirt during every show,” the R&B star told Stuff. “Now I’m a little more comfortable in my skin, and I don’t have to show my chest or my stomach every time I take a picture.” ... Jessica Simpson has come to terms with her beauty. “I was always the girl who wore sweat pants and baseball caps to not be intimidating,” the “Dukes of Hazzard” star told Harper’s Bazaar, “but now I’ve learned to embrace beauty as part of my career, as part of my inner soul, as part of who I am.”

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