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Paris’ single is catchy, but can she sing?

Her voice is so light on breathy on ‘Stars are Blind’ that it’s hard to tell
/ Source: The Associated Press

Paris Hilton’s recording debut, the single “Stars are Blind,” may be the musical equivalent of airbrushing.

Yes, the breezy, reggae-infused groove sounds good, and it’s the perfect jam for those searing summer nights.

But don’t hand the tabloid magnet a Grammy just yet. She sounds sexy and enticing, but her vocals are so breathy and light it’s hard to tell if she can really carry a tune on this track, written by Fernando Garibay, Shep Solomon and Ralph McCarthy.

Then again, that might apply to a good portion of the singers on the radio these days. It’s doesn’t have to be about the voice anymore, but the overall vibe — and Hilton certainly has a good one going on “Stars Are Blind.”