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Paris' jail jumpsuit up for sale on eBay

Want to dress just like Paris Hilton? An orange government-issued jumpsuit and matching shorts allegedly tried on by the recently-jailed heiress is for sale on eBay.
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Want to dress just like Paris Hilton? An orange government-issued jumpsuit and matching shorts allegedly tried on by the recently jailed heiress is for sale on eBay.

“Paris has been in jail for less than 1 day,” noted the seller. “Shes (sic) has b*****d about everything!”

The eBay merchant says that the high-fashion-loving heiress didn’t like the way the clothes fit. “She demanded a femal (sic) med and they didnt (sic) fit. These are the Original pair of Paris Hilton Orange jail shorts and jump suit! Dont (sic) miss this once in a life time opportunity!!!”

Meanwhile, fellow inmates at the detention center shouldn’t be too surprised if they don’t understand what their famous new resident is saying. Hilton’s former party pal, Bijou Phillips, Monday told Howard Stern that Hilton has invented her own language which she sometimes uses to insult people.

Hilton’s rep didn’t want to respond to Phillips’ comments, telling The Scoop he hadn’t heard them, but he dismissed the jumpsuit story as “ridiculous.”

He added that any inquiries regarding her jail stay should be directed to a spokesman for the detention center where the heiress is staying. The rep couldn’t be reached for comment but it turns out that the jumpsuits issued to the inmates are, indeed, orange.

Making up with LohanLindsay Lohan’s former foe is wishing her well.

Lauren Hastings, the model who accused the “Mean Girls” star of swiping $10,000 worth of her clothing, has recorded a video giving good wishes to the rehabbing star.

“Most of you know me because of my differences with Lindsay Lohan,” the 22-year-old says in the video, which is posted on BuzzNet. “But despite all of those issues, I wish her the best of luck.”

The alleged heist of garb occurred when Lohan attended a party in Hastings’ apartment while she was out of town. Charges were never filed because there was insufficient evidence.

“I hope that this is end of the bad road that she was on,” Hastings continued, “And I once saw a great person and I hope to see that great person again soon.” 

Notes from all overMarilyn Manson says his 19-year-old girlfriend is the mature one in their relationship. “With meeting Evan Rachel Wood, who is my girlfriend now, we wouldn’t have been expected to have anything in common until we just became friends,” the 37-year-old goth rocker told Metro. “I realized that besides the fact I’m clearly the immature one in the relationship, she’s a twin in a lot of ways and her personality reflects a lot of things I felt I wasn’t supposed to be.”  ... Zac Efron confesses to having a celeb crush when he was younger. “I had that famous poster of Tyra Banks in a purple bathing suit in my room in the seventh or eighth grade,” the 19-year-old told Teen. “I thought she was so hot. She was my first love.” . . .  Some stars want the show to go for a slightly lighter shade of Grey. “I would love for Derek and Meredith to have a healthy relationship,” Patrick Dempsey, who stars as Dr. Derek Shepherd, toldHello! “It got a little too depressing last year.” Ellen Pompeo, a.k.a. Dr. Meredith Grey, agrees. “I don’t think you need sadness to have drama,” she said. “My boyfriend and I are very happy and we still manage to be dramatic every day.”

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