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Paris Hilton tops PETA’s worst-dressed list

Paris Hilton has been given a dubious honor: she’s been named the worst-dressed celeb in America by PETA.
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Paris Hilton has been given a dubious honor: she’s been named the worst-dressed celeb in America by PETA.

“Now we know what happens to all of Paris Hilton’s cast-off pets,” the animal-rights group quips of the fur-wearing, partying heiress in its annual worst-dressed list.

Coming in right behind Hilton is her new best buddy, Kimberly Stewart. “What does Kimberly Stewart have in common with the remains of the animals killed for her furs?” asks PETA. “They’re both spoiled rotten.”

Hardy partier Tara Reid comes in fifth on the list and posts a pic of her wearing what is described as looking like Lindsay Lohan’s dog.

Reality-show stars are big on the list, which also includes Lisa Gastineau and Victoria Gotti. “Gotti’s fur coats make her an accessory to murder, and it’s a look that goes well with cement shoes,” says PETA. “Considering the way she dresses, her show should be called ‘Growing Up Gaudy’.”

Harsh words for Hillary ClintonGeorge Clooney — an outspoken critic of the Bush administration — also has some harsh words for Hillary Clinton.

The “Syriana” star says he is “frustrated and disappointed” that Clinton and many other Democrats were “scared” to oppose the war on Iraq, and “now they are paying the price.”

“I hate it when smart men and women are saying, ‘Well, if I knew then what I know now,’ ” Clooney told the Sunday Times of London. “The fact is: I knew it then and I don’t have national security clearance. . . . Basically, the Democrat leadership was scared [of criticizing Bush] and it’s too bad, because it’s come back to haunt them.”

Clooney’s choice for president: Barak Obama. “Of course he doesn’t want to right now; he just wants to be senator for Illinois,” Clooney told the paper. “But he could attract the two groups who rarely show up to vote — young people and blacks. He’s the guy to get behind.”

Notes from all overDonatella Versace says that Elton John helped her kick a cocaine habit and go to the same Arizona rehab clinic that Kate Moss recently checked herself into, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. “On June 30 [2004] he was in my house in Milan, along with a few friends,” she said. “I went to the bathroom to powder my nose and they blocked me. They told me there was a plane about to depart for Arizona. I was shocked but I understood the time had come. I slipped into a tracksuit and ... alone and with no make up, caught the plane.” . . . Madonna is rumored to be doing a fashion shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.  . . . Jennifer Aniston is looking to her mother’s reaction to a failed marriage to figure out how not to handle divorce. “I watched my mother be very bitter and angry throughout a divorce, never let it go and waste the whole second half of her life, so I thank her for that unconscious sacrifice of what not to do,” the “Rumor Has It” star said while promoting the flick, according to “I think that it’s important to take responsibility, because it’s so easy to blame, to point to be victimized — that’s just a waste of time.”

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