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Paris Hilton’s selective amnesia

Does she remember that she has a fiancé and a ‘Simple Life’ partner?
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Paris Hilton raised eyebrows at a recent photo shoot by openly flirting with Brazilian playboy Ricardo Mansur. The partying heiress — who is engaged to shipping heir Paris Latsis — cast “long, loving looks” at Mansur, reports our below-the-border source.


Paris Hilton

The highs and lows of the life of the hotel heiress.

Mansur has been linked to model Gisele Bundchen and is currently dating a Brazilian actress.

Hilton seems confused about another partnership as well. The star of the reality show “The Simple Life” was telling people that she had no idea who her co-star would be, even though show insiders say that Nicole Richie has a contract to appear opposite in the series. Hilton, however, is telling people “we start shooting in November, but I’m not sure who I will appear with.”

Hilton has enjoyed certain aspects of Brazil other than Mansur, going to a nightclub and belting out two songs from her forthcoming album. “The crowd went wild,” says our source, “in a good way.”

Is Moby doing a Dixie Chicks?The techno musician, playing a concert out of the country, took the opportunity to blast President Bush. While in Caracas, Venezuela, Moby apologized to the audience in what has been called “Spanglish” for the behavior of George W. Bush, saying that he is “ignorante” and “un gringo loco” – or a crazy white guy.

Moby also spoke out against Pat Robertson, the man who had called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Chavez. Moby called the founder of the Christian Coalition “malo y estúpido” – bad and stupid. And, he added, “Creo que Estados Unidos se está convirtiendo en un país muy peligroso” – or, I believe that the United States is becoming a very dangerous country.

Notes from all overTyra Banks is trying to deep six those rumors that she’s had breast implants. In a taped segment of her show broadcasting this Tuesday, the model-turned-talk-show-host credited her push-up bra for her perky pair — and to prove her point, took the garment off, under her T-shirt — and let gravity take over. Banks then underwent a sonogram to further prove her point. ... Is Ashton Kutcher souring on Kabbalah? A source says that Demi Moore’s sweetie has been spotted without the red string bracelet he used to wear religiously. ...Martha Stewart — who on her talk show was teaching rapper Diddy to wrap while he was teaching her to rap — asked him the question that has kept so many of us up at nights: with all those name changes — Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, etc. — how does he handle his monograms? He replied that on monograms, he uses the initials of his given name: Sean John Combs.

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