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Paris Hilton files appeal over sentence

“I told the truth yesterday. I feel that I was treated unfairly,” Paris told the paparazzi while she was out shopping with her mother on Saturday.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

First, she showed up late for court. Then, she made her publicist a scapegoat and now, before Paris can prepare for the pen, “Access Hollywood” has learned she appears to have filed an appeal.“I told the truth yesterday. I feel that I was treated unfairly,” Paris told the paparazzi while she was out shopping with her mother on Saturday.

Not long after Paris left court on Friday though, her lawyers hastily filed a handwritten appeal to the judge’s sentence.

Click here to view the appeal.

Paris was sentenced to 45 days for violating her DUI probation by driving on a suspended license in February of this year. According to Frank Mateljan in City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo’s office, Hilton had 30 days to file her notice of appeal. Now that she has, she has 15 days to file the grounds of appeal. The grounds of her appeal must relate to a legal or technical error and cannot include a reargument of the facts of the case.Her sentence however, Mateljan confirmed, is still in motion and Paris’ jail turn-in date of June 5 stands.Hilton family friend Larry King told “Access,” the punishment fits the crime.“She deserves to be punished. She would have to admit that,” Larry said. “No one should drunk drive. And if you drunk drive twice, inexcusable.”
(EDITORS NOTE: King’s statement is partially correct. Paris was originally pulled over for a DUI on September 7, 2006. She was pulled over twice more but neither incident — on January 15, 2007 and February 27, 2007 were for DUIs. Instead the first was for driving with a suspended license. The second was for not having her headlights on and driving with a suspended license.)
Other stars were also unforgiving.“What are you thinking,” “Dancing With the Stars” contender Joey Fatone commented to “Access Hollywood.” “Your license was suspended. Don’t do it. You get pulled over? You get put in jail!”“Like my mom always said, you got to pay your dues,” Jenny McCarthy told “Access.” “If you screw up you’ve got to suffer the consequences. ... I think it’s smart for her, like Martha Stewart, take it like a champ. Do the time and show young kids that you know you do have to suffer the consequences even if you’re a beautiful celebrity.”“She violated her, the terms of her probation, you go to jail for that,” former “90210” hunk Jason Priestly said. “The judge was absolutely right. You know that’s the way it goes. When you break the law you go to jail, that’s how it works.”“Ask someone who (has) lost someone to a drunk driver. Just ask them how they feel about it,” Holly Robinson Pete told “Access.” “It’s only 45 days. It sounds like a long time but it will go like this, and maybe she’ll come out with something really positive.”Until she heads to Lynwood to begin her incarceration, Paris will continue living large, lunching with mom and dad and playing to the paparazzi like she did this past weekend in Beverly Hills.The paparazzi followed Paris and her mom Kathy on a windy walk down the street.“It’s not fair,” Kathy Hilton told cameras. “It was a performance yesterday.”The Hilton family continued to protest Paris’ sentence when she hit one of L.A.’s biggest tourist hotspots, The Grove.

“The sentence does not fit the crime,” sister Nicky told the following photographers.In fact, Paris told this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine trouble finds her.“I think I get in more trouble just because of who I am,” she reportedly told the mag. “The cops do it all the time. They’ll just pull me over to hit on me. It’s really annoying. They’re like ‘What’s your phone number? Want to go to dinner?’ They won’t even give me a ticket.”