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Paris Hilton charged with felony possession

The Clark County DA's Office confirmed to Access on Monday that Hilton has now been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and is due in court on Oct. 27.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Paris Hilton’s need to have moisturized lips over the weekend directly led to the cocaine in the purse she was carrying literally dropping into a Las Vegas Police Officer’s hands, according to the newly released police report.

In the document, obtained by Access Hollywood (included in the felony Possession of a Controlled Substance charge against the heiress, filed in court by the Clark County District Attorney's Office on Monday), an LVPD officer detailed how the cocaine discovery happened in the Wynn Hotel security holding room where the heiress was waiting for a female officer to arrive to take her to the bathroom.

”… Hilton said she needed to put some lip balm on, and I handed her the purse from the table. As she began to open it, I saw a small bundle of what I believed to be cocaine in a clear baggy begin to fall from the purse and into my hand,” an officer wrote in his arrest report.

Click HERE to read the court documents.

The officer then took the purse away from Hilton and waited for backup to arrive before searching it with another officer as a witness.

As previously reported on, Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were pulled over in Las Vegas on Friday night after a police officer allegedly noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car Waits was driving. According to the newly released report, the officer claimed Waits failed a number of field sobriety tests after the couple was pulled over.

The officer claimed in his report that the gathering of a crowd of onlookers prompted Hilton to ask to go somewhere more private to “prevent her from being molested by the growing crowd.” He also claimed that Hilton told the officers that pulled the couple over that she “needed to use the bathroom badly and asked if I would accompany her inside the Wynn Hotel.”

After discovering the cocaine, the officer placed Hilton under arrest. Following her arrest, the officer claimed Hilton told him the purse was not hers and “she had borrowed it from a friend.”

As the officer searched the rest of the bag, he discovered $1,300 in cash, credit cards and a broken Albuterol tablet (used to treat breathing and chest tightness) and Zig Zag wrappers, all of which Hilton reportedly claimed to the officer were hers.

She reportedly told the officer, however, that “several cosmetic items inside the purse were not hers “and that she thought the cocaine he found was “gum.”

The Clark County DA's Office confirmed to Access on Monday that Hilton has now been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and is due in court on Oct. 27 at 7:30 a.m. Waits, who was arrested on a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge, is due in court on Nov. 29 at 8 a.m.

The Associated Press reports that the charge could get Hilton probation if convicted, and up to four years in Nevada state prison if she violates that probation.

In related news, on Sunday night, Hilton thanked her fans via Twitter for reaching out during her time of need.

“I’m so thankful to all my fans for all the love and support you are giving me. Thank you all. Love you so much. Love Paris xoxo,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Hilton’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, told Access, “This matter will be dealt with in the courts not in the media and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law. There will be no interviews and no more comments at this time.”