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By By Jeannette Walls

Not everyone is amused by Paris Hilton’s literary efforts.

The hotel heiress/party girl was doing a book signing for her memoirs, “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose,” at Book Soup in West Hollywood — and was met with a group of protestors.

“There were about 50 people carrying placards that said things like ‘Paris, Your Book is only good for hamster bedding,” a source tells The Scoop. “E! [the entertainment network] started filming them, and they began chanting, ‘Paris can’t spell ‘E!’”

Were they disgruntled unpublished authors? Was it a staged event? “Hard to say, but they seemed serious,” says the source.

The protestors didn’t dampen Hilton's fans’ enthusiasm, however. “When she came out of the book store, she had her dog, Tinkerbell, in her arms and she was met with dozens and dozens of flashbulbs," our source says.

Dress you up

Britney Spears performs during her European 'The Onyx Hotel' Tour in Budapest in this May 23, 2004 file photo. Spears is engaged to marry her dancer-boyfriend Kevin Federline, the singer's representatives said on Friday. News of the engagement was first reported by People magazine on its Web site, and was confirmed by Spears' personal publicist and her label, Jive Records. The engagement comes about six months after Spears was granted an annulment to dissolve her surprise two-day marriage in Las Vegas to a childhood friend. Spears recently announced she was canceling an upcoming summer tour after undergoing surgery to repair a knee injury she suffered while shooting a music video. REUTERSStr / X80002

Britney Spears’ mother is coming to her daughter’s defense again – this time, speaking out for Britney’s right to go barefoot and wear “trashy” outfits.

Lynne Spears took to Britney’s Web site to “clarify some of the media’s negative onslaught of press” against the belly-baring singer. “I’ve come across numerous photo’s [sic] where they are trying to depict Britney as, in their words, ‘trashy,’ ” writes Lynne Spears, mentioning one widely published photo that shows Spears in a skirt that falls so far down on her hips that she is in danger of revealing her womanhood. “I saw her in this outfit that day and she looked absolutely adorable,” notes Lynne, who explains that Britney stepped on the hem of the dress which pulled it down in front. “Girls, I am sure this has happened to you before, but luckily, there weren’t hordes of paparazzi around to capture it in photo’s. [sic]”

Regarding Britney’s recent, unfortunate habit of walking barefoot into public places including bathrooms, Lynn Spears blames it on Britney’s knee injury. “The Doctor’s orders are for her to wear Uggs or tennis shoes and it’s just too hot for that,” Lynne writes. “Sometimes it just feels good to go barefoot in this heat and give her feet a rest.”

Don’t expect Britney to clean up her act. “My daughter is not one that is going to give into the pressures of dressing up every single day in order to impress the paparazzi vultures that await her outside,” Lynne Spears writes. So look for more “trashy” outfits.

Notes from all over

Actor Ashton Kutcher (L), one of the stars of the new comedy film "Cheaper by the Dozen," poses with girlfriend, actress Demi Moore, as they arrive for the film's premiere in Hollywood, December 14, 2003. The film also stars Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt and opens December 25 in the United States. REUTERS/Fred ProuserFred Prouser / X00224

Demi Moore isn’t making many new fans in Wales. The actress is shooting a film, “Half Light,” on an island called Y nys Llanddwyn off Anglesey. Apparently, the locals aren’t happy. “People are annoyed,” Charles Cochrane — who lives in the nearby village of Newborough—told the London Express. “The way they see it, by-laws have been lifted for the film. It has turned into a circus. They have security people and have taken over.”  . . .Michael Jackson and sis Janet have recorded a duet, says a source, titled “We’ve Had Enough.” It addresses the media attention surrounding Michael’s child abuse accusations and Janet’s “Nipplegate.”  . . . Is George Clooney still playing pranks on his co-stars? “Clooney always plays. He plays too damn much,” Bernie Mac, who appears in “Ocean's Twelve,” with Clooney, told “You gotta watch Clooney. You come in the door, a bucket of water fall on your head, he got it propped up at the top. You got tacks in your seat, all that kind of bulls----. He found a rabbit cage and let it loose in your room. You gotta watch Clooney.”

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