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What do *you* see in the Paris 2024 Olympics logo?

The newly unveiled logo for the 2024 Olympics in Paris has people seeing everything from the Olympic flame to a chic French woman.
/ Source: TODAY

The newly unveiled logo for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris has people all seeing something different in an image that combines three symbols.

Do you see the Olympic flame, a gold medal or Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic?

Or are you like others on the internet, who see the angry lady at the grocery store who wants to speak to the manager, the Tinder logo or a French ingenue juggling multiple boyfriends.

The logo quickly has become a Rorschach-like test in which people have projected all types of backstories and personalities on the logo.

It's like the French version of the viral bird-or-bunny or rabbit-or-duck optical illusions that have divided the internet.

A video released by the official Paris 2024 Twitter account explains that the three symbols have been combined to form "a face that places humans at the heart of the Games."

Many people seem to believe that face belongs to a woman named Karen. And she would definitely like to have a word with the manager.