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Paparazzi swarm as Britney does lunch

Britney Spears was the center of a paparazzi melee when she went out Monday afternoon.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Britney Spears was the center of a paparazzi melee when she went out Monday afternoon.

Spears made a trip to the Lisa Kline Kids boutique in West Hollywood for a spot of shopping. Upon leaving the store, Spears’ bodyguard was forced to struggle to clear a pathway for the pop singer to her vehicle because hoards of paparazzi were surrounding the star. Several dozen snappers swooped in on the black-haired singer who had ventured out in a green top, short-shorts and oversized sunglasses.

After making it to her car, Spears smiled at the photographers as she drove off, eventually making her way to The Abbey, where the singer appeared to stop for lunch. After spending some time in the establishment, Spears’ exit was also a dangerous affair as the paparazzi crashed into each other while trying to get a shot. To get the singer to her car, Brit’s bodyguard grew red and began screaming at the paparazzi. This time though, Spears’ security man appeared to get physical, pushing into the mass of snappers to again clear a path for the star.

While some celebrities these days seem to struggle to get photographer attention, Spears is followed daily by a trail of SUV-driving paparazzi, who tail her from the moment she leaves her house. That attention appeared to get to Britney this past weekend.

On one trip out, Spears ran up to photographers who were following her, branding what they were doing “illegal.” In another incident, Spears issued a tirade against a heavy-set snapper. While her children were in the background crying, Spears called the 270-pound photog a “fat (expletive deleted)” among other obscenities.

In related news, Spears is expected to appear on the cover of OK magazine’s next issue, due to hit stands on Thursday. She will also appear in Las Vegas to open club LAX, later this summer.