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Papa Simpson foments feud with Lohan

Sources say Joe Simpson is spreading nasty gossip about the ‘Mean Girls’ starlet
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Who’s spreading all that nasty gossip about a feud between Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan? Some people believe it’s Simpson’s dad.

Joe Simpson, who is also his daughter’s agent, has been “carpet bombing” the tabloids with negative stories about the “Mean Girls” star, according to RadarOnLine. In recent days, details about the feud has appeared in numerous outlets, including In Touch Weekly, Us, Star and Life & Style. “Joe called our head offices himself and ranted and raved about it,” a top editor at one of the weeklies told Radar. “It was obvious he wanted to paint Lindsay as a [bleep]. He couldn’t believe anyone would dare ban Jessica from any party because, as he said, ‘She’s a huge superstar.’ ...Joe will do anything to make sure she’s in the papers every week and he knows Lindsay’s an easy target.”

A rep for Joe Simpson denies that he’s the dish-spreader, and Jessica Simpson has recently denied that there’s any feud whatsoever.

Kidman stays mum

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 4: Actress Nicole Kidman arrives to the 2005 MTV Movie Awards at the Shrine Auditorium June 4, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. The 14th annual award show will premiere on MTV Thursday, June 9 at 9:00PM (ET/PT). (Photo By Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Nicole KidmanFrederick M. Brown / Getty Images North America

All of Hollywood is buzzing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – except one person: Nicole Kidman.

The “Bewitched” star has been repeatedly quizzed about relationship that launched a thousand headlines, but she has steadfastly refused to respond.

When asked if she saw Cruise’s jumping-up-and-down declaration of love for Holmes on Oprah Winfrey’s show, for example, Kidman told the Sunday Herald Sun of Melbourne, Australia: “I saw a little bit of it, but I would never discuss any of that — I have two children whose lives are affected greatly by anything that is done or said. I never have discussed it and I never will.”

“Smart lady,” said one Kidman watcher. “Maybe she was advising Tom more than we thought.”

Notes from all over

NEW YORK - JUNE 6: A handcuffed Russell Crowe is led out of the First Precinct on his way to being arraigned June 6, 2005 in New York City. Crowe was arrested earlier in the morning for allegedly throwing a telephone at an employee of the hotel where he was staying according to reports. (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Russell CroweThos Robinson / Getty Images North America

Speaking of wise womanly advice, sources are saying it was Russell Crowe’s mother who made Crowe say he’s sorry. The “Cinderella Man” star recently spoke to a slew of media outlets, apologizing for throwing a phone at a hotel clerk and accepting responsibility for the incident, and his mother Jocelyn is reportedly behind Crowe’s mea culpa tour. ...Madonna recently had a private screening for friends of the documentary that she couldn’t get screened at Cannes. They loved it. Or said they did, anyway. ...Former supermodel Rachel Hunter admits that she has cellulite, and says that she has named the saddlebags on her thighs after her children, telling the London Daily Mirror: “I have two lumps on the side of my legs that I call Renee and Liam."

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