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Pants-dropping 'Hangover' actor Murray Gershenz dies at 91

Murray Gershenz in "Music Man Murray."

Murray Gershenz, a singer and record collector who turned to acting late in life and made his mark by dropping his pants in "The Hangover," died of a heart attack Wednesday, The Los Angeles Times reported. He was 91.

Acting wasn't initially Gershenz's calling; he spent over 75 years doing other things, including singing opera, singing as a cantor in synagogue, and amassing hundreds of thousands of records in his L.A.-based record shop. But at age 80, he started taking acting jobs on film and TV, and made memorable appearances in films like "The Hangover" and "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" and on TV shows like "Modern Family" and "Mad Men." 

The singer-turned-actor was the subject of a short documentary made in 2011, whose title was the name of his store: "Music Man Murray." In it, he chronicled his love of music and albums and his search for a buyer for his massive collection. The Times noted that he had achieved that goal in early 2013, selling to a New York-based buyer who had to enlist a fleet of 52 trucks to transport the collection. 

But amid that quest, Gershenz devoted himself to acting, memorably appearing in 2009 as Felix in "The Hangover," where he underwent an examination of his private parts; in "I Love You Man" the same year he formed a human pyramid with Paul Rudd, Andy Samberg and Lou Ferrigno. He first broke into acting in a 2001 episode of "Will & Grace," and ultimately appeared on shows like "Raising Hope," "House," and "Parks and Recreation."

Variety reported that Gershenz "remained in good health until his sudden death" and was working on the series "Sullivan & Son" most recently. Two sons, a daughter, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren survive him.

(Note: Video contains mild nudity, vulgarity.)