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Is Pamela Anderson endangering her health?

Is Pamela Anderson playing Russian roulette with her health? Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Is Pamela Anderson playing Russian roulette with her health?

Anderson recently told Howard Stern that because she has hepatitis C, she only has five to 10 years left to live and is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the sake of her children.

So a Pam fan was stunned to see the stricken star swilling booze on a Swedish TV show. Health-care professionals have said that people with hepatitis C — which affects the liver — should not drink alcohol.

“She was on a show called ‘High Chaparral’ and she drank glögg — it’s an alcoholic drink (that) Swedes drink at Christmas — and red wine,” according to a source. “Now they’re having a contest where you can win her wine glass and glögg glass.”

Anderson’s rep didn’t return calls for comment.

Another twin?
Does Ashley Olsen have an impersonator?

Onlookers were buzzing that someone who looked an awfully lot like the multi-media mega-rich 17-year-old was sipping beer at a Columbia University football game on Saturday.

“Ashley Olsen is supposedly dating a member of the football team and was here to see him play,” says a source who was there. “I can’t tell Ashley from (her identical twin) Mary-Kate, but everyone was saying it was Ashley,” says the source, who adds that the young woman in question didn’t have her own drink. “She was drinking from other people’s beer and sort of trying to cover it up so people who were watching couldn’t see that well,” says the source. “But she wasn’t drunk. She was just having fun.”

But Olsen’s rep insists that the beer-sipping cutie wasn’t Ashley and adds that the star was in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Notes from all over
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