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Pam Anderson goes postal over stamp

‘Baywatch’ babe doesn’t think Colonel Sanders should be honored with his own commemorative stamp.
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Pamela Anderson has gone postal over a stamp.

The former “Baywatch” babe has written an angry letter to the Postmaster General, blasting KFC’s request to put the bearded image of the founder of the fast-food chain on a stamp.

Anderson, a staunch animal-rights activist and a vocal member of PETA, has blasted KFC for its treatment of chickens and has been part of a long-standing campaign on behalf of the feathered critters.

“Honoring a man whose legacy involves breaking animals’ bones and scalding animals to death in defeathering tanks is contrary to the values of most compassionate citizens, and I hope that you’ll deny KFC’s request,” Anderson wrote in a letter to Postmaster General John E. Potter. “How about another Elvis stamp instead?”

Bad vibes?Is Tom Cruise running into some bad Thetans in his effort to convert his new best friends to Scientology?

The “Top Gun” star is reportedly eager to welcome sports star David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham to the celebrity-studded religion, but the buzz is he’s meeting resistance from the wife.

“Tom spoke to David for hours about Scientology. He feels it could help to lift him out of the blues over his football career,” a “source close to the Beckhams” told the London Sun. “But Victoria is having none of it. She can’t see the point of joining something like that where you have to donate money.”

Notes from all over“Reports that Cameron Diaz is dating surfer Kelly Slater are “just silly” his mother tells In Touch weekly. “They have been friends for a long time,” Judy Slater told the mag. “Every time somebody sees somebody else eating dinner, they think it’s a romantic thing. It’s silly.”  ... “Rocky Balboa” star Geraldine Hughes defended — sort of — her director and leading man Sylvester Stallone. “He’s even better looking in real life,” the Belfast-born actress told the Belfast Telegraph. “I feel he’s my friend now and I get all defensive when I hear people saying things about him. Yes, he’s had a facelift, so what?”  ... Drew Barrymore likes to strip outdoors — when no one’s there. The “Charlie’s Angels” star — who famously flashed David Letterman on his show — has no regrets about her breast-baring moment. “How fun was that?” Barrymore told Parade magazine. “I’m so glad I was so free at one point in my life.” When asked if she’s no longer free, Barrymore said, “I think I am and I think it alarms people ... I’ll drive in Ireland and park my car and run out into a field and rip all my clothes off and just run in the wheat fields naked.” 

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