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Palin believes there's a lesson in Gosselin's camping trip

Take heart! The televised camping disaster that featured Sarah Palin and a not-so-outdoorsy Kate Gosselin served a greater purpose than just forcing reality TV fans to finally declare themselves as members of either Team Sarah or Team Kate. The personality-packed episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” also had an important lesson.


It seems somewhere between Gosselin’s food-related whines and her temperature-related gripes, there was something we could all learn from. At least that’s what the show’s namesake told Bill O’Reilly when the "O'Reilly Factor" host asked her about that recent excursion with her felllow TLC star.

“That episode certainly reflected a life lesson that I’m a believer in,” Palin said. “And that is: Life, it’s 10 percent circumstances, 90 percent how you react to circumstances. I think that was illustrated in that episode.”

Also illustrated in last week's episode? Mother nature and the mother of multiples just don't get along.

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