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Pal says burgermeister Hasselhoff is insecure

David Hasselhoff wishes he’d done some things differently during that videotaped drunken burger-chomping episode.
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David Hasselhoff wishes he’d done some things differently during that videotaped drunken burger-chomping episode. “I just wish I’d used a knife and fork to eat that [bleep] burger,” the star said.

That, according to Brit journalist Piers Morgan, a self-described “good friend” of Hasselhoff who worked with him on “America’s Got Talent.”

According to Morgan, the former "Baywatch" star engages in “endless self-aggrandizing” and yet is “an insecure man who just wants to be loved.”

“I sit next to him in the makeup trailer, and he is bordering on the obsessive about his personal appearance,” Morgan wrote in a tell-all about his buddy in the London Mail.

While he says that Hasselhoff can be charming and kind, Morgan claims he’s also insecure about his status since his star has fallen from his glory days. “His ego is massive, there’s no other word for it,” according to Morgan. “Barely a day’s filming goes by when he doesn’t allude to 'Baywatch' and 'Knight Rider' being ‘the biggest TV shows ever’ or to the ‘nine million albums I’ve sold in Germany.”

But notes Morgan, “The Hoff is a survivor, and this week he was already seeing the funny side of his [drunken burger-eating] video.”

Don't hate Diaz because she's beautifulDavid Hasselhoff isn’t the only celeb who’s been having a rough time lately.

“The last couple of years were hell,” Cameron Diaz told ContactMusic. “I can’t even tell you, it was so hard. I didn’t know how to handle it. But I think I’m in a much better place now, because I stepped away for a second and took a breath.”

The “Mask” star blames much of her angst on Tinseltown. “Hollywood is a funny place,” she says. “It offers so much, but it can also take a lot away from you.”

Diaz also doesn’t want people to hate her because she’s beautiful.

“If a woman who is a successful actress weighs 300 pounds and has warts, nobody ever asks her, ‘Do you think you made it because you’re ugly?’” she asks. “So why should there be prejudice against someone who’s had some success in films and looks a little better than average? It’s all in my genes, so don’t hold it against me.”

Notes from all overDon’t expect Britney Spears to sing about her recent woes on her upcoming album. “She didn’t let none of her personal life into what she was doing,” her collaborator Nate “Danja” Hills told MTV. “There was no, ‘I need to let it all out.’ She said she deals with that in another way.”  ... Meanwhile, R&B star JoJo says she would never have a Britney-like meltdown. “I can’t see that in my future,” JoJo told WENN. “There are things that are more important. I don’t think any sane person would see that coming — I’m sure Britney didn’t see it coming up. But I’m very close to my family and they keep me grounded, and I don’t think they would ever let me do that.” ... Moby recalls that once, on a hot night while at a hotel in Kiev, he called the lobby and asked that a fan be sent up. A hotel worker apologized and explained that there were no fans in the lobby. There was some back-and-forthing before the techno musician realized that the hotel staffer thought Moby was asking for a groupie to be sent to his room.

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