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Is this a painting of Anne Hathaway or Penelope Cruz?

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni shared the photo, and the Internet loves it.
/ Source: TODAY

It's a debate as old as, well, a few days: Is it Anne Hathaway or Penelope Cruz?

Don't roll those eyes yet! Take a look at the photo New York Times columnist Frank Bruni shared Tuesday during his trip to Italy.

"Working in Rome for a few days," Bruni wrote in the caption. "Tom and I did the Airbnb thing. Our off apartment has this huge painting. He says Penelope Cruz. I say Anne Hathaway. Before I ask the owners and report back, YOU vote. Who was painted here?"

While we probably wouldn't mistake the two on the red carpet, in this painting, we get the confusion. The almond-shaped light-brown eyes and dark hair fit the bill for both Academy Award winners.

Anne Hathaway; Penelope Cruz
Can you identify who is Anne Hathaway and who is Penelope Cruz? The answer could be harder than you think (not here, in the painting, silly).Getty Images files

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And with more than 1,000 comments, it's clear that plenty of users were equally confused. Here's a sampling of the debate:

  • "Before reading your post i just saw the picture of Penelope Cruz," Deborah Fenker wrote. "Until anyone mentioned Anne i wouldn't have seen it at all. But then....."
  • "It's Anne Hathaway's eyes with Penelope Cruz's mouth. Maybe it's neither?" said Julie Rovner.
  • "Penelope Cruz. Anne Hathaway has a different curve to her nose, and she usually does not wear smoky eye makeup... but, who knows!" Marie DeYoung wrote.
  • "Anne Hathaway. Lips and smile give it away," said Don Walker.

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As for who it really is? One commenter tracked down the original photo the painting was based on, and (drumroll please!) it's Hathaway!

Somewhere in the distance, you can hear Hathaway whispering, "It came true..."

Better luck next time to all the Cruz truthers.