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'P.S.-You're Invited': Celebrate life and reinvent your style with DIY concepts

In “P.S.-You’re Invited,” DIY design expert Erica Domesek shows how to apply the motto “I see it. I like it. I make it.” to your own creative aesthetic. Here’s an excerpt.


Life is one gigantic DIY project that is constantly evolving, just like our own personal style. The most exciting thing about life is that it’s all yours to design. I take an incredible amount of joy in discovering the road map to my happiness through creativity. My “I see it. I like it. I make it.” mantra encourages me to embrace each day and live a more beautiful life by diving into DIY. This hands-on approach has always been my motivation in celebrating life and delivering smiles... which to me is the greatest accomplishment. It all begins with a little inspiration. Everywhere I go, I’m always snapping pictures of anything and everything that makes me swoon and brings out my inner muse. Those shiny moments become the celebrations and everyday moments that are to D-I-Y for! After all, there’s nothing I love more than creating special memories with friends and family that get dreamt up in my heart and executed with my hands.

My advice is simple: Don’t wait for a get-together to get it together. You have every reason right in this book to comb for inspiration and start designing daily decadence for the everyday occasion that is life.


Take a minute to reflect on who you are today and what you want to create tomorrow, whether it’s to display, wear, or share. Celebrate YOU from head to toe and every place you go. Use this book as your guide as you invite loved ones into the spectacular moments you take pride in designing, sharing, and celebrating. Dream up divine dinner parties, brightly colored birthday parties, a girls’ game night, or an out-of-this-world outdoor fête. These extraordinary moments add layers of excitement and color to everything and everyone around you, so take note and get your glue gun ready as you start designing chic memories.

P.S.- It’s easier than you think! Discovering everyday elements around the house to reuse, repurpose, and reimagine is as much a part of the creative process as dreaming up the projects themselves. Chances are, you probably have hundreds of items around the house that are screaming for a reinvention. Mark your RSVP “YES” to this invitation to live a more creative, imaginative, and beautiful life. Inspiration starts with the letter i, so don’t wait for anyone else to rev up your creative engines. Be the driving force behind unforgettable moments that will make you proud to say “P.S.- I made this.”


Stay crafty,


Michael Fine / Today

Ombre Lampshade

paper plate
fabric paint: cornflower blue + cool blue
foam brush
water cup
lamp base

1.  paint it
2.  dilute it
3.  blend it

To create: Squeeze a dollop of the cornflower color fabric paint onto a paper plate. Starting from the top, paint approximately 1/4 of the lamp shade using a foam brush. Clean the brush, then dilute the paint by applying horizontal strokes of water to create a gradient. Work downwards until you reach the middle of the shade. Paint half of the bottom section using the cool blue paint color. Clean the brush again, then dilute the lighter color until you reach the bottom by applying more horizontal strokes of water. Take a dry brush to blend the entire shade with slow strokes to finish off your ombré design!

Michael Fine / Today

Lipstick Wall Art                                                                                                                           

white frames

To create: Apply lipstick to your lips. We used an assortment from our favorite brands: Chanel, Dior, Estée Lauder and Maybelline. Kiss a piece of paper over and over until the color fades. Reapply if necessary or use a different shade and create layers of multi-colored smooches for your loved one. Finish off by placing your personalized artwork in a frame. P.S.- get creative with a cluster of frames in varying sizes.

Michael Fine / Today

Tile Mirror

tin tile
Scissors / Swiss Army Knife
foam core

1. Draw large shape directly onto surface of tile.
2. Cut out shape using scissors.
3. Squeeze and ample amount of glue directly onto back of tile.
4. Place mirror, front side down, directly onto glue.
5. After glue dries, back mirror with heavy foam core to support frame.

Michael Fine / Today

Make Up Stand

CB Dinner Plate
CB Appetizer Plate
Gracious Home Candlestick Holder
Craft sticks

1. Apply glue to the base of the candlestick.
2. Adhere it to the center of the dinner plate.
3. Apply glue to the top of the candlestick.
4. Adhere it to the bottom of the salad plate. Let stand dry completely before placing items on top (approximately 30 minutes).

Michael Fine / Today

Tie Dye Pillow

blank pillow covers
rubber bands
fabric dye: wine, fuschia, red
plastic gloves   

To create: For a bullseye pattern, pinch top layer of fabric from the center of the pillow cover. Next, wrap a rubber band around every 2 to 4 inches of the fabric, creating sections to block out the dyes and create the pattern. Wearing gloves, mix dyes as directed on the package. Over a sink, squeeze dye onto both sides of the cover, alternating colors on each section. Wring out excess liquid and allow the colors to set for 10 minutes. Use scissors to snip rubber bands. Lay cover flat on paper until dry, then insert a pillow. P.S.- wash pillow covers separately the first few times and don’t allow the dyed fabric to rest wet on other items!

Michael Fine / Today

Mirrored Pillow

pillow covers (WE)
burlap fabric

1. Glue mirror to burlap.
2. Cut out, leaving a ¼-inch border.
3. Glue mirror discs onto pillow cover.
4. Sew and secure a tassel onto each corner of the pillow cover with a double- threaded needle.

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