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Ozzy Osbourne runs laps for metal

Sober ‘Mad Man of Rock’ says he's addicted to working out
/ Source: The Associated Press

April 20 marked the one-year anniversary of sobriety for rock's seemingly indestructible icon, Ozzy Osbourne. Now he's found a new passion to feed his addictive personality: working out.

To get himself in shape for Ozzfest, now in its 10th year, the "Mad Man of Rock" is hitting the elliptical machine, the track and the weights instead of the bottle.

"I absolutely ... love it," Osbourne told The Associated Press, with his trademark profanity of course. "I get a normal endorphin, it's as good as any drug. I'm addicted to (that), and being yelled at by my wife."

Osbourne, who is still recovering from an all-terrain vehicle accident last year on his England estate, is working hard to stay healthy.

"I'm getting myself in shape. I no longer smoke, I no longer drink, I no longer use dope," Osbourne said. "I'm still ----ing crazy. On the surface I'm pretty normal. I just don't want to drink or be (intoxicated) anymore."

Although Osbourne spent the majority of his life teetering on the razor's edge of death, he's in great shape for the 26-city tour, which kicks off July 15 in Boston, with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden as the co-headlining acts.

"I'm trying to get nutritional stuff in my body," said the 56-year-old legend. "The grim reaper will be knocking down my door soon. I want to be around a lot longer."

But don't let Osbourne's newfound healthy habits fool you. His devil-may-care attitude is still going strong, even if he's popping vitamins instead of painkillers. "I did try retirement a few years back but then I realized when you retire you've got to have something to retire to."

He does, however, plan to retire one day.

"Have you heard of death?" he asked.