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Outraged viewers: Kick the current 'Biggest Loser' contestants off the show

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The cast of "The Biggest Loser" told executive producer Todd Lubin they wanted to quit the show.

The drama that fans had waited months to see finally unfolded on Tuesday night's episode of "The Biggest Loser," as all members of the not-so-final five threatened to quit the show -- and two of them backed up the threat with action.

Viewers watched as Mark, Buddy, Conda, Jeremy and Kim decided that a classic twist (wherein past players return for one more shot at the finals) was "unfair," and now those same viewers have something to say about the disgruntled group many of them are calling the "Biggest Sore Losers."

Out of the hundreds who posted about the episode on our Facebook page, the overwhelming majority are upset at Mark and Buddy for bailing on the show, and almost as many are just as upset that Conda, Jeremy and Kim were allowed to stay on.

"Should have let them all go and let 5 others compete for the finals!" Shane Crabtree wrote. "Feel bad for the people (who) wanted to be on the show to (lose) weight."

That sentiment was shared again and again.

"I think that they should have sent all five home after one hint of a complaint and just brought the last five who got kicked off back," Doris Williams recommended.

Yes, the only problem most "Loser" fans on our Facebook page or on the official "Biggest Loser" forums seemed to have with the show's producers was that they actually attempted to reason with the contestants and convince them not to quit rather than simply showing them the door. After all, the theme for the season is No Excuses, and these contestants had plenty of them.

As for those who showed themselves the door, former fans told them just what they thought.

"I would give almost ANYTHING to work with those trainers for any amount of time and learn how to cook healthy and the right way to work out," Stacey Lewis insisted. "That stinks for the last 2 people that they voted off...You walked away from a possible $250,000 dollars for your families."

Since leaving the show, Mark took to his own Facebook page to offer a lengthy explanation for his actions.

"I never quit," he wrote in one portion of the post. "I was just done with this part of God's shaping of the man who sits here typing this."

During Buddy's exit from the show, he offered these words: "I don't feel like a quitter, though I'm quitting the show."

They may not view themselves as quitters, but it's clear others do, including last season's winner John Rhode.

"If you commit & take a spot on the show, see it through to the end," he tweeted after the episode aired. "U could beat me every day & I wouldn't quit."

How do you think the walkout drama should have been handled on the show? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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