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Ousted ‘Survivor’ never saw it coming

Another blindside has come to "Survivor Gabon," as Charlie was voted out, joining his friend Marcus as the second member of the jury.
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The tribe has spoken: Another blindside has come to "Survivor Gabon," as Charlie was voted out, joining his friend Marcus as the second member of the jury. Once the two tribes merged, Kenny — still holding a grudge over Charlie revealing the immunity-idol clue at the faux-merge feast — convinced swing vote Sugar to vote out Charlie. Kenny admitted to us that he was lying about Charlie's power, but he convinced his alliance and Sugar, and that's all he needed.

The gamemaster: Video-game champion Kenny is clearly in control of the game — even though others recognize what he's doing. He lied to Sugar and she went along with his plan even though she told us, "I don't trust Kenny; he lied to me about Ace," and suggested that he "could be some evil mastermind." Kenny would probably agree, bragging, "you mess with me and then you're gone in this game," and telling us, "I know for a fact that I can win this game." It'll be game over soon if he doesn't lose the attitude.

Worst Tribe Name Ever: Nobag. Yes, that's what the newly merged tribe decided to call itself; it's "Gabon" spelled backwards. Nogood!

Survivor Gabon Bromance Version 2.0: Now that Charlie and Marcus are together at jury hangout Ponderosa, the game needs a new bromance, and it got one. At the merge, former friends who had been split up were reunited, which led to the following exchange. "Are you okay?" Matty asked Ken. "Yeah. I've missed you so much," Kenny said, rubbing his hand on Matty's arm as they embraced.

Three words no one expected to hear: "Susie wins immunity!"

Susie won the first individual immunity challenge, easily making a fire with flint and steel knife. Only Sugar came close; the rest weren't even close, and Matty sliced into his finger while hitting his flint.

Crafty: Teacher Bob was sent to Exile, where he fruitlessly searched for the idol, which Sugar found long ago. Bob told us, "I am in deep doo-doo back at camp," so he fashioned his own fake individual immunity idol using tree sap and small objects. It looked so good that it's almost impossible to believe he didn't go on a shopping spree at a Michael's craft store first. As Bob told us, if you're going to rob a bank, "you don't necessarily need a gun," just something that looks like one, and now he has his own "Survivor" gun.

Fight of the week: Original Fang members Randy and Crystal loathe each other, and that spilled over into Tribal Council. Crystal asked Randy to explain why he hated her, and then they started arguing before he could even give his reasons. Time for a cage-match challenge.

Sad ending: The episode was dedicated to the memory of Marge Boesch, the wife of Rudy Boesch, season one's cranky old man and friend/alliance member of winner Richard Hatch. Marge died Nov. 1. She and Rudy had been married for 53 years.

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