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Ousted ‘Survivor’ asked tribe to send him home

This week on "Survivor Gabon," GC was voted out of the game, but essentially gave up and asked his tribe to get rid of him.
/ Source: contributor

The tribe has spoken (or, the quitter has quit): GC was voted out of the game, but essentially gave up and asked his tribe to get rid of him.

"For all the people who might say that I quit or I just gave up, call it what you want, the backstabbing and the lying, that's the part I didn't really agree with. I never expected it to be this hard," he said in his final words.

Earlier, Crystal got annoyed with his "tantrums," which included disappearing just before the immunity challenge. GC also said he'd "kind of had enough with these people here" because "this game is changing me, and it's not for the better."

Sugar Shack, baby: Sugar was again sent to Exile, although she has nothing to do there since she already found the idol. A few Fang members soon discovered that she had the idol, though, as Crystal went through her bag while Kenny, Matty, and Kelly looked on. At Tribal Council, Sugar admitted she left her bag accessible to others, and said, "maybe there's a sense of power" with others knowing that she had the idol. Either because of that or because GC essentially asked to be voted out, they didn't try to blindside her to flush out the idol.

Snack time: At the reward challenge, the tribes threw pieces of fruit above the heads of members of the other tribe, who were equipped with bats. With smashed fruit flying through the air, bits of food were left all over their bodies, and after the challenge was over, an apparently ravenous Marcus opened his mouth and sucked a piece of fruit off Charlie's shoulder.

Coalition of the winning: Former Fang member Dan tried to form a large Kota alliance by referring to Fang as the "evil empire" and insisting that they should all stick together post-merge, but he did that by saying arrogant things like, "I'm going to need all seven of you guys" — as if Dan was in charge. Marcus pointed out that Dan "is so eager to express his undying, complete and total devotion to the new Kota tribe that no one believes it." If Kota ever loses, Dan may be in trouble.

Double shock: Kota was jolted twice this week: First, when they learned Fang had voted out Jacquie ("especially given her effort yesterday," that's "pretty shocking," Marcus told Jeff Probst), and also when Bob caught fish, including an electric fish that shocked them when they touched it ("damn, you're right," Marcus said after grabbing the fish, saying it delivered a "shocking surprise").

Two in the face for Ace: In both challenges, Ace got hit in the face: first by a pineapple, and then by a shield he was holding. Challenge props: 2. Ace's face: 0